Tackling thinning hair & a receding hairline with TRX2® food supplement & revitalising lotion #review

I've always been really proud of my hair. I really felt it was my crowning glory. Then as I passed one milestone birthday and headed more rapidly than I'd like to another one I noticed my beautiful blonde locks were looking less than their best.

It wasn't just the colour going. I've actually embraced the grey and think I've succeeded quite well in rocking a short but stylish 'do.

madmumof7 in summer fashion what I wore outfit in Cyprus

In fact that drastic change from shoulder length to buzz cut was not only prompted by more greys than a home hair dye routine could cope with, but the fact that my hair felt thin, out of condition and shhh! Don't tell anyone, but my previously healthy hairline was receding!

I hoped a short style would make my hair look thicker. It did but I realised that my parting was starting further and further back on my head as time passed.

Then I was invited to try out TRX2®- a healthy hair regime incorporating supplements containing zinc, selenium and biotin to be taken orally and a topical hair revitalising lotion to massage into my thinning scalp to nourish my hair follicles.

Here's the official bit about TRX2® from their website.

With an in-depth understanding of the science behind hair loss, and following an extended period of Oxford-based research, Oxford Biolabs® developed TRX2®, a naturally-based, scientifically-formulated molecular hair loss regimen. 

Produced in Germany, and using high quality ingredients, this unique, drug-free regimen utilises the latest understanding of potassium channels within hair follicles, an innovative approach developed by the Oxford Biolabs® team. 

Following a period of intensive research, two new products to help address hair loss were introduced in 2015 – TRX2® Hair Revitalising Foam and Lotion. 

These topically-applied solutions allow users to administer the active ingredients of the TRX2® formula to the areas of thinning hair directly. Together with TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair, users are therefore able to maintain the growth of healthy hair both from internal and external routes. 

The products’ naturally-based, drug-free formulation does not contain any ingredients that can be irritating to the skin or scalp. They have been dermatologically tested and are suitable for all hair and skin types. Additionally, both the foam and lotion are unscented and free from synthetic fragrances and dyes.

On the first day of the three month trial I cracked open the food supplement. Wow those are some big capsules! However I actually didn't have any trouble taking them with water and they have no real taste unlike some much smaller tablets I take daily which leave a very nasty taste and sensation in my mouth.

TRX2® food supplement & revitalising lotion for thinning hair

The instructions said to take three capsules a day with food. You can spread them out throughout the day or take them all at once. I am both a bit lazy and quite forgetful so decided to go for the all at once approach!

I soon got into the routine of taking the supplements but found the lotion a little more difficult. You are supposed to apply 1ml a day with the dropper two times a day - once in the morning and again in the evening- then massage in with your fingers.

TRX2® food supplement & revitalising lotion  pipette

I was never sure whether it was soaking in or just running off - you use a pipette to measure the 1ml dose and at first I tried following the instructions and applying directly to the area of my scalp I wanted to target, but confess I found dropping the liquid dose into my palm and dabbing then rubbing worked better for me.

As per the instructions I washed my hands carefully afterwards. I wonder if I might have grown hair on the palms of my hands if I didn't? Or is that another activity which supposedly causes that issue?

I cannot tell you how many times I washed and dried my hair in the morning then remembered the lotion! Or how many times I dripped lotion onto my head and into my eye in the evening. There may have been some Prosecco consumption involved in my poor aim on some nights if I'm honest.

I hear there is a foam version coming soon - that might be easier to apply.

In the end I made the simple change of taking the lotion out of the bathroom cabinet and storing it instead on a shelf under the mirror to remind me to use it morning and evening when I cleaned my teeth..

For aaaaagggggeeeees I thought I was wasting my time but then started noticing fine hairs appearing in my previous bald spots along my hairline.

new hair growth after three months of TRX2® food supplement & revitalising lotion

With time, persistence and assuming I keep remembering to take the capsules and apply the lotion I believe those hairs could continue to grow giving me a thicker, healthier head of hair.

OK so it wasn't a quick dramatic fix but my hair certainly feels in great condition and there is definitely some new growth.  I think it's more apparent when you compare the before and after pictures.

TRX2® food supplement & revitalising lotion Before & After pictures
The product is suitable for both men and women in the early stages of hair loss. If your or your partner's head looks like a polished bowling ball this is not for you. Embrace the baldness or buy a wig.

So- fancy trying it but want to know more? Here's everything you might need to know, including costs and where to buy it from.

How does TRX2® work?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, hormones and diet. 
TRX2® is a hair thinning treatment specifically designed for men and women suffering from the early stages of hair loss.
TRX2® consists of natural substances that our body normally produces at sufficient levels in healthy hair but at insufficient quantities in those who experience hair thinning.
Backed by world-class research, TRX2® works by engaging potassium channels. People experiencing hair loss have been found to show reduced potassium channel activity. Each hair follicle contains potassium channels - small pore-forming protein structures through which vital nutrients are transported to the hair follicle membrane.
Studies show that over time, potassium channels in men and women begin to wear out, gradually inhibiting the transport of essential nutrients to the membrane. This results in hair no longer receiving vital nutrients and vitamins which leads to visibly thinning hair.
TRX2® works by re-activating tired and clogged up potassium channels so they are able to absorb essential nutrients and support the production of strong, healthy hair.

How quickly does TRX2® work?

As with any hair loss supplement, results will vary from person to person and can be affected by metabolism. However, some people report noticeably thicker, fuller hair in as little as twelve weeks, with the majority seeing significant improvements after around six months.

In order to maintain results, prolonged and regular use is recommended, as short-term or inconsistent use can limit effectiveness.

What does TRX2® contain? 
TRX2® is a unique purified blend of naturally-based ingredients.TRX2® combines potassium chloride, branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and nicotinamide (niacin) - all powerful, nutritional stimulants – with a pure form of a naturally-generated substance (L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate). The formulation is Drug-free, not tested on animals, is suitable for vegetarians and is free from artificial colours, gluten and preservatives.
TRX2® food supplement & revitalising lotion for receding hairlines #review

Product availability
TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair: A 150g bottle contains a month’s supply of 90 capsules. and costs £47.96 per bottle from www.trx2.co.uk
TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Lotion: One 60 ml bottle contains a month’s supply and costs £42.36 per bottle.
Both products available from www.trx2.co.uk
Other products available in the range include:
·  TRX2® Hair Revitalizing Foam coming soon - £42.36 per bottle
· TRX2® Thickening & Styling cream – £17.25 per jar

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