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Even as an experienced mum I used to dread that weaning stage when extreme exhaustion competed with mummy guilt leaving me torn between making my own baby food or getting an extra ten minutes rest when my little one (finally) napped.

As our family got larger I was usually preparing plenty of fruit and vegetables for our dinner so it was more a case of remembering to separate the baby's ingredients before seasoning.

Then I had to make the time to mash/blend/chop to the right sort of consistency for the weaning stage and THEN hope the fussy little blighter ate my home-made blends.

The clever people at tommee tippee have realised that one group of people who require labour saving devices more than most are parents, especially parents of under one's.

And with a drumroll and a round of pathetically grateful applause from knackered parents and carers, I reveal the labour saving device anyone with weaning in their present or future should have in their armoury.

make homemade baby food with the tommy tippee steamer blender

The tommee tippee steamer blender is the simple way to make healthy meals. With everything being done in one gadget you save on washing up while preserving nutrients and taste with the healthy steaming of all the ingredients which you then blend from first tastes smooth to toddler chunky.

You can either steam or blend separately or for total convenience you can  chuck in ingredients and programme the steamer blender to steam, then blend all in one seamless operation.

Compact enough to sit on any worktop the steamer blender is easy to operate even by sleep deprived parents.

Simply add fruit, veg, meat and/or fish in whatever combination you like, programme the steamer and/or blender programme  using the buttons on the front which even have pictures of steam and a blend blade in case you really aren't with it.

make homemade baby food with the tommy tippee steamer blender

make homemade baby food with the tommy tippee steamer blender

The water tank and food container parts both lock for safety and no steam escapes the gadget during use. The design has recently been updated with improvements to the jug, blade and sealing rings and we had absolutely no issues with any of these even after repeated use.

We made a very smooth blend puree using a selection of uncooked fruit and vegetables and after 15 minutes our baby food was ready and smelled delicious! It was hot obviously so you would have to allow time for the food to cool before serving to baby. You can easily adjust steaming time and blending time to create your perfect consistency.

The steamer blender comes with a spatula for scraping out the cooking jug and two travel pots to store your homemade baby food in.

make homemade baby food with the tommy tippee steamer blender

I think this gadget is a must-have for every parent and would make a wonderful present for any mums-to-be.  The original RRP was over £100 but I found it today on Amazon for just over £50 and on other sites for not much more than that. Hurrah for sale season!

Worried you won't get the use after baby moves onto finger food? 

Actually, although it's not what it was designed for, the tommee tippee steamer blender is the perfect gadget to make one cup of homemade soup, pasta sauces or a smoothie for older children or adults too. That's lunchtime sorted for busy parents who want to quick healthy food with little effort.

make homemade baby food with the tommy tippee steamer blender

My 21 year old son has been making tasty nutritious spinach, pepper and tomato smoothie drinks with it (see pic, above) so as longevity goes for a gadget I think that's pretty good!

make homemade baby food with the tommy tippee steamer blender

Disclaimer: We received one tommee tippee steamer blender free for the purpose of this honest review.

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