A sneak peak at the tiny tasty NERGI® berry fruit #kiwiberry

I think my youngest daughter might have been fruit bat in a previous life. She loves snacking on fruit and loves the challenge of trying new fruit and in fact she's now tried everything from our local supermarket.

She hasn't however tried NERGI® berry fruit which will be landing in UK supermarkets this summer, substantially cuter and smaller than your average grocery-shopped fruit.

NERGI® berry fruit, also known as kiwi berry, stands out from the crowd with its vivid fresh green colour and the great news for people who always end up stained purple from normal summer berries is that these little cuties have all of the taste with no chance of stains while still being small enough to pop into your mouth and fit in picnic lunch boxes

So what do they taste like? Well some people compare them to kiwi so they do have the nickname kiwi berry or baby kiwi. My daughter loves kiwi so I know she is going to love these. As soon as I get some samples I'll post a taste test article for you.

The season is short (in the shops from 20 August to 15 November 2017), so make sure you look out for  this cute little green berry.