Bring the taste of Latin America into your kitchen with the Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen range

Close your eyes and think of Latin America. What do you picture? Salsa dancers and feathers? Football, carnival, coconut palms, coffee and cocktails… Ooh just thinking about it makes me crave a strawberry Mojito!

Strawberry Mojito

 Since summer seems to have deserted my part of the UK for the time being, I decided to bring a touch of Latin American heat into our home with the new Latin American Kitchen range from Santa Maria.

There's a fantastic range of sauces, rice, seasonings, tortillas, toppings  and sides to take you on a
tantalising taste journey from the Caribbean to Argentina with everything you need to make a wide variety of easy and delicious Latin American meals.

You could choose from a range of 10 fantastic cook-in sauces to pour over your meat, fish or vegetables and serve with one of Santa Maria’s Latin American flavoured rices. 

Santa Maria sauces

Simply tear open to add an explosion of flavour and taste to your meat, fish or vegetables and serve with rice.

Ideal for two, the sauces are pasteurised and packed in foil pouches to ensure freshness.

Here's a sample of just a few of the flavours you could enjoy.

•Santa Maria Cuban Sofrito Clásico  – a classic base sauce used in a number of dishes across Latin American and Spain. This is a very versatile sauce with an intense, tangy tomato flavour that goes well with many dishes. 

•Santa Maria Caribbean Pineapple & Chilli Sticky Sauce  – typical of Chinese–Caribbean fusion cooking. In the 19th  century, workers were brought in from southern China and India to work on the
sugar plantations. Their culinary traditions mingled with local ingredients, creating fantastic new recipes like this sweet and sour cooking sauce, which tastes fresher and less sweet than its
Chinese cousin. 

•Santa Maria Brazilian XinXim Peanut Sauce  – a true Brazilian classic. Its crunchy nuttiness is balanced with tangy lemon and ginger for a real flavour sensation. This is a fantastic example of
Brazilian fusion cooking, bringing together the cuisines of Portugal, Africa and indigenous
Latin America.

•Santa Maria Costa Rican Fiery Fruity Sauce  – an exciting combination of contrasting flavours.
The small but powerful habanero chilli is offset by sweet pineapple, making a tropical cooking sauce with a strong personality.

•Santa Maria Peruvian Garlic & Tomato  – inspired by mojos (pronounced moho), which are sauces where garlic is the predominant flavour, they are used to complement all kinds of meat and fish. This soul-warming combination of spices and vegetables turns any meal into a

Since despite the fact I don't have the chaos of the school run and after school clubs at the moment, I still don't seem to have any energy, thankfully all the Santa Maria products are designed to be quick to prepare (around 15 minutes!) colourful, fun and delicious! 

Check out the great Latin American Kitchen “Mix and Match” range with seasoning mixes for your meat and vegetables, tortillas, toppings and sides. 

Everything in the range has been designed to work together, so everyone at the table can create their perfect mix, dialling the heat up or down, adding creaminess or crunchiness, according to taste!

I used the Santa Maria Argentinian Barbacoa Beef Steak Rub to make a tasty tea for the family. 

Argentina is world famous for its delicious beef and the Argentinian barbacoa – also known as ‘asado’ – is very popular. The word “barbecue” came to us from Latin America. Santa Maria’s seasoning mix gives beef the typical smoky tones of the asado and enhances its natural flavour. 

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen

My family love anything in a wrap so I coated budget-friendly frying steak with the steak rub - Oh the smell was amazing!

I simply fried with onions and peppers and served with wraps and sour cream. Everyone loved it, even my husband who is less keen on wrap-based meals.

steak fajitas with Santa Maria

For those finishing touches, these exciting new Latin American Kitchen toppings and sides enable you to tailor your dishes to your own personal taste. Whether you’re looking to turn up the heat, for that added crunch or for your dishes to ooze with creaminess, the toppings are the perfect addition to add depth and flavour to your meal so ditch the ketchup and choose from Santa Maria Hot Chilli & Lemon Topping or Santa Maria Barbacoa Topping or one of the many other options instead!

Santa Maria’s NEW Latin American Kitchen range will be rolling out in stores nationwide over the
summer. RRP's- sauce £1.79, rice £1.85 and seasoning mixes £0.95.

 For more information, visit:  or find them on Facebook

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