I love that my children love water and are #bravebynature

One of my parenting boasts is that my children enjoy water. Plain, unadorned water without the addition of artificial flavouring. We serve water with every meal and although my children do drink other things, if they are thirsty I always suggest they drink some water.

child drinking Highland Springs water #bravebynature #termtimeessentials

They are an active bunch what with my musical theatre loving son who *proud mom alert* has just appeared on stage in London's West End, to my bike-mad youngest who can spend hours on two wheels.
Child performer in the West End

We live close to a large forest and spend many a happy day exploring up there. They have made rope swings and dens, love seeing the bluebells in springtime, catching glimpses of deer in dappled sunshine and spotting animal prints on the ground when it has snowed.

We always take a rucksack with water as there is quite a hill up to the trees and we love to stop halfway, have a drink and admire the view. Well. I sit and admire the view while the children hurtle up and down slopes, climb trees, play hide and seek and clamber over fallen tree trunks. We also like to visit the local park where they take it in turns to ride the zippier. They are most definitely #bravebynature.


At my son's primary school every child is encouraged to drink water throughout the day. At the local secondary school there are water fountains all over the place. Water is vital for good health and can optimise learning ability. Did you know that staying hydrated can boost attention by 25%?

Here are a few more fascinating facts about water from the water experts at Highland Spring:

  • Kids need more water in relation to their body size than bigger people
  • Kids don’t always recognize when they’re thirsty, so it’s best to encourage good drinking habits early
  • Sipping throughout the day is the best way to ensure hydration needs are met
  • Popping a bottle of Highland Spring into their lunchbox helps them to remember to sip at school
  • Studies have shown that kids who drink a litre of water over the course of a school day have better short-term memory and generally perform better than those who don’t.

Exploring Battersea Park, London

Throughout the summer holidays my children have had all sorts of adventures from playing on the beach, going to the zoo, exploring London, climbing trees, running and cycling and scooting with their friends. Oh and did I mention that DS#4 was in a West End Show? Hours every day of singing and dancing - he definitely needed to keep hydrated!

 We got through lots and lots of water and I was so glad to have a stash of Highland Spring bottles in both 330ml and 500ml sizes to grab when we were going out. My children particularly like the bottles with sports tops -much less chance of spillage even in a moving car.

Highland Spring still water bottles

I love water straight from the fridge - cool and refreshing and great for quenching the thirst that you can sometimes mistake for hunger. Often after having a drink of water I feel full enough to shut the fridge door without reaching for something naughty to nibble.

You can buy Highland Springs in still and sparkling varieties and both come from a natural source in the majestic Ochil hills of Scotland. Highland Spring was the first bottled water brand in the UK to have its catchment area certified as organic by the Soil Association, so you can be sure every drop of Highland Spring water is just as nature intended. 

Highland Spring bottled spring water

Disclaimer: I received a supply of free Highland Spring still water for the purpose of this honest review.