The Death of Common Sense or The Start of the Era of Stating The Bleeding Obvious.

I expect you've seen the printed warning on takeaway coffee cups "Caution. Contents may be hot." It always make me roll my eyes wondering who is so stupid they have to be warned of this possibility.

The same people I guess who were being targeted by the people who wrote the manual for my bread maker which solemnly declares that the kitchen gadget should not be used to stir paint.

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Driving into London yesterday my son spotted that a large temporary wooden barrier had been erected completely covering a road. Nothing could have accessed the street without levitating but still it had been deemed necessary to plaster a "Road Closed" sign over the hoarding.

I tried to imagine a scenario when a driver, faced with a solid wooden barrier might decide the road was still open if only they drove at the obstruction hard and fast enough to break through.

I worry for the next generation, I really do. It seems in this world of 'elf and safety gone mad, no-one is credited with enough of the common sense they were born with to make any sort of decision, or risk assessment without assistance from big brother.

Another gem from one of my instruction manuals. Do not immerse plug in water. Really? Would anyone do that? Even my 8 year old understands that electricity and water don't mix. Unless you are a a particular Pokemon character apparently.

I spotted a T-shirt transfer kit once - you know, the sort where you can add a picture or letters to your T-shirt using an iron. The kit actually stated "do not iron while wearing shirt."

Having said that the children told me off the other day for ironing a small creased section of the bottom of my max-dress skirt while I was wearing it but it was well away from any exposed skin so my risk assessment concluded it was safe and a lot quicker than taking the dress off just for a couple of inches of ironing.

You just have to make a judgement call based on the facts you have available.

I'm not sure I'm not alone in believing I would not need to be reminded of the advice on one sign I spotted shared online from a zoo oversees. "Please Do Not Sit On Crocodile." Why? Why would anyone sit on a crocodile? I mean even in my most desperate moments looking for something new and exciting to post on Instagram I would not consider posing on a crocodile.

#WhatIWore #CrocStyle #crocstagram #EatenAlive #CrocodileLunch

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Hot. Sharp. Likely to cause injury or death. Beware of the dog. Risk of drowning. These are hazards we should learn as toddlers. Stay behind the yellow line. Warning, crumbling cliff edge, beware, risk of electrocution. These are warnings we should know to obey although it concerns me that so many of the  "have it all" generation are so used to doing what they like, when they like, without fear of discipline or consequences from anyone hey refuse to take note of even sensible warning notices. These are the ejects who will end up deader than RaRa skirts and curly perms after ignoring reasonable advice.

The other issue is that everyone is quick to finger point when in fact accidents are sometimes just accidents and sometimes bad stuff that happens is just your own stupid fault.

People today know their so-called rights and are quick to seek blame (and then claim) so I expect that's why corporate risk assessment experts  are busy dreaming up all kinds of wild and unlikely scenarios and covering themselves by creating warning messages so when that crocodile you are sitting on bucks and makes you spill hot coffee from your takeaway cup over yourself, you will not be tempted to sue them.

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