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I have to confess, when I was approached about reviewing Fingerlings Baby Monkeys I said yes, partly because I thought my younger son and daughter would like them, but mostly because I thought they were really cute and wanted to play with one!

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys from WowWeeWorld love hang onto your finger and know when they’re being touched, spoken to, and even hung upside down. These perfect primate pets come to life with 40 ways to play and 50 sounds to let you know how they are feeling.

These sweet and sometimes silly critters make adorable monkey sounds and have cute blinking eyes. Their heads turn, and they have hands that grip and a curly hanging tail. 

You can swing them, pet them, kiss them, AND rock them to sleep! Suitable for ages (5+). Available for £14.99rrp.

It didn't take long for my 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son to work out how to make their pink monkey Bella perform and of course inevitably their favourite trick was to make their monkey fart.

My daughter said: "I really like the monkey's hair which is all fluffy and nice to stroke. I like having him on my finger and making him make different sounds."

There are six different Fingerlings to collect.
My name is Sophie (White Fingerlings) and I’m full of loving monkey hugs, with a white body and purple hair!

Hi - I'm Mia (Purple Fingerlings). I'm a purple monkey with white hair and I’m curious about the giant world around me!

Finn (Black Fingerlings) is my name. I'm black and blue and I swing to the beat of my own drum!

Boris (Blue Fingerlings) is my name. Laughter is my game! You'll love my blue and orange colour combo.

My name is Zoe (Turquoise Fingerlings) and I love life upside down! My perfect purple hair stands out against my turquoise blue skin.

Then there is of course Bella (Pink Fingerlings) the Fingerlings Baby Monkey we were sent. 
Bella says: My bright yellow hair complements my oh-so-pink skin. I express how I feel with cute monkey babble!

You can win one of these cute toys with my simple competition. You can enter as many times as you like and feel free to share!

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