Autumn approaches #mysundayphoto

I went blackberry picking along the hedgerows in our village yesterday with my daughter with the idea of making an apple and blackberry pie. My friend who is away on holiday at the moment had urged me to help myself to fruit and veg in his garden so I popped in there to grab some windfall apples and some tomatoes to make a pasta sauce with.

I'm aware the above paragraph makes me sound like like some terribly smug country mother who skips along with a trug and probably has a pastel Aga in the kitchen, but the reality is my car needed work last week which cost a fortune so I'm basically scrumping for free food.

Anyway. While I was in my mate's garden I spotted this rather raggedy flower  hanging over the brick path and it brought it home to me that summer is on its last legs and autumn is on its way.

flower over brick

Back to school for the kids in a few days and before you know it, it will be misty mornings, frosty nights and the flip flops will be packed away for another year.

As my younger daughter would say *sad face*