Cloud watching on the M25 #mysundayphoto

I remember them building the M25. Yes. I am that old. Little did I know back then when I was living in the West Midlands that the motorway designed to speed traffic around London would be such a part of my life.

There have been many times the circular motorway has done what it promised and let me drive quickly and easily to my destination.

But there have been probably more times I have inched along vast stretches of the tarmac watching brake lights twinkle in front of me - miles in front of me!

At least when I was stuck on it yesterday along that stretch past Heathrow airport there were pretty clouds to watch!

watching clouds  on the M25 nr Heathrow Airport



  1. Ah the M25, never enjoyable. Hope you wasn't stuck for too long

    Thank you for linking up

  2. I remember them building it too! I like taking motorway shots contrasting a lovely sky with the hustle and bustle, like this.

  3. It looks like the clouds are resting on the bridge! #MySundayPhoto

  4. Ah that traffic! I don't know how anyone manages that very often. Lovely cloud formation building there.

  5. Beautiful thunder clouds.... Definitely worth sitting in traffic for! :) #sundayphoto

  6. We drove down the M23 and M25 yesterday afternoon and saw all the thunderclouds too. You must have been in all the traffic on the other side! #MySundayPhoto x

  7. the clouds do look menacing, did the rain come? #mysundayphoto


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