From shoulder pads to slippers- my working life has changed so much!

Back in the day I used to don my power suit with mega padded shoulders, squeeze on the heels and join the slow train of traffic up the M5 to my office all the time hoping I could find a parking space.

Fast forward a few years and although the shoulder pads disappeared, but the desire to be first into the office to nab the comfiest chair with all wheels and levers working hadn't.

Nowadays I have a bizarre mixed working life. Since I swapped print journalism for online writing I split my days between commuting (mostly) to London for events and staying at home to create content.

WAHM in slippers at laptop

I'm glad to say dress codes are relaxed even on my going out days and even more relaxed on my at home days (I maintain that working in PJ's and slippers is the biggest perk of working from home) but my desire for a comfortable workspace remains constant.

I love this little video about The Joys of Working Life - at home or in the office -from , which gave me a laugh especially as the WAHM battles to stay professional while her children create havoc around her.

I'm sure I am not alone in realising that children have a sixth sense about when you are having an important conversation on the phone. They always seem to choose the perfect moment to yell:"I need a poo!" or "Why is your tummy so floppy?" while you are trying to maintain an air of competent adultness and professionalism.

The video was useful too to remind me why I decided I'd had enough of office life. I miss adult conversation about anything but children sometimes, and lunch breaks and deadline day doughnuts from my editor, but I do not miss the politics, other people's smelly snacks or feet when they kick their shoes off under the neighbouring desk, or the simple need to rub along with people you don't really have anything in common with apart from work EVERY DAY!

I tend to type with laptop on my lap with my feet up which sounds wonderful but actually gives me a stiff neck and shoulders and often a headache. It's much better to sit at a desk with a proper office chair which can be adjusted to be the perfect fit for you. My son invested in a really lovely chair for uni which is a delight to sit in. I do envy people who have beautiful home office spaces- I'm sure they are much more able to work efficiently with proper storage space and a less distracting working area.

Having said that my favourite chair has a great view of the garden, front and back and is just a few short steps away from the kettle for when I feel it's time for a screen break. There might just be a biscuit or two involved too....

vintage phone and chocolate biscuits

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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