Enjoy A Merry Lidl Christmas even on a tight budget.

It's November. Halloween is over, bonfire night is imminent and in my book that means we can talk about Christmas without fear of eye rolling and inpatient sighs from people who don't love the festive season as much as me.

I love Christmas so much that one of the things I like most about my job is getting the opportunity to get a sneak peek at what the big brands have in store for us at their Christmas in July press preview events.


Usually held in baking sunshine in London I love that tourists and passers by have no idea that press and media influencers are disappearing through doorways into wintery wonderlands where mince pies and mulled wine are generally de rigour.

Roy Wood and Wizzard are often warbling that they wish it could be Christmas every day in the background and with some of the amazing food, festive decor and gift ideas on display I have to agree with them.

Winning my personal rosette for all round excellence this year was Lidl who proved that Christmas does not have to cost loads to be awesome.

As one who shops there I already knew that quality is key but I think they have outdone themselves with the goodies due to hit stores very soon.


I am a big carnivore and the meat wowed me. From luxurious continental meat and cheese platters for parties to a wide variety of top quality birds and cuts of meat to roast. After tasting the Deluxe free range East Anglian goose I can heartily recommend that traditional option - it comes at a fraction of the cost of the last one I bought at my local butcher too!


Seeing the range of mouth watering foods suitable for a party it makes me want to invite all my friends round. It's such a busy time of year it's great to know that Lidl have your back with everything from poultry, pork and stilton pie finished with fruit to glamorous Deluxe crisps with fascinating flavours. Rosemary, French camembert and wild garlic anyone? Or maybe goats cheese and apple chutney.
poultry-pork-and-stilton-pie from Lidl's 2017 Christmas range

Any buffet table will look amazing with a basketful of Lidl treats. From fresh seafood to meltingly mouthwatering oven bake-able camembert with fruit or but toppings there will be something to suit all tastes.
party-food-from-Lidl- Christmas-2017


Now it's no secret that I am a big fan of gin and so I loved Lidl's Gin and Tonic Spices. Great for a gift or to liven up your usual tipple the pretty boxes come with juniper berry, pink peppercorns, Sichuan pepper and cardamom so you can create your own botanical blends.


Team with one of Lidl's range of Hortus gin - original London Dry Gin, Oriental Spiced London Dry gin or Sloe gin for a real winter treat. All packaged in gorgeous bottles they would make fabulous presents, if you could bear to give them away that is! Or why not create some Christmas cocktails using gin as a base?

To add the finishing touches to your festive food cupboard why not pick up some sweet treats. Lidl is of course a German company and so you know the German treats like lebkuchen and stollen are going to be authentic and delicious. Top tip - try the Deluxe stollen bites with rum.

But having thoroughly tested the entire range of mince pies, mini and full sized, and Christmas puds AND cakes, I can assure you that British traditional flavours have been captured at their best. The Deluxe creme brûlée is divine too if you still have room.


Last, but definitely not least can you all be upstanding and put your hands together for the Lidl Deluxe truffles which come in a beautiful little hatbox. Available in Marc de Champagne and Salted Caramel these truly sum up Lidl's Christmas offerings this year.


They look luxurious, they taste amazing, the quality of top notch and the price is frankly unbelievably low for such a high end product. I'm planning to take them as a gift to every party and dinner I go to over the festive period in the hope that the hosts are generous and open them while I'm still there.

And just in case they don't, I might just have to keep a stock in my own cupboard. Well a busy mum of 7 deserves a treat doesn't she?

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