Have a SUPER time with DC SuperHeroGirls Toddler Dolls - Wonder Woman, Super Woman & Batgirl! PLUS nail art kit & LEGO DC SuperHero Girls DVD #review

When I was a girl Wonder Woman was my heroine. She was magnificent! I used to practice twirling in the hope my own shiny costume would appear from under my boring everyday clothes.

Children today have plethora of super heroes to admire but you'd be hard pushed to beat the trio of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, sassy females with superpowers and a strong friendship for positive role models.

DC SuperHeroGirls Toddler Dolls

Last night we all came in out of the snow and snuggled in front of our open fire and watched these three amazing characters in a Warner Bros DC SuperHeroGirls LEGO DVD, Brain Drain (Original Story).

DC Super Hero Girls DVD

Billed as an all-new animated adventure brimming with brain-twisting action the story follows Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl who are baffled by unexplained memory loss and reports that they have been up to no good! Their friends at Super Hero High are also not themselves so they have no-one to turn to for help. Can they discover who is  behind all of the mind-twisting mix-ups?

DC SuperHeroGirls DVD screenshot

This DVD is ideal for younger children, especially since superhero movies nowadays can be a bit dark and are certainly not always suitable for family viewing. We chuckled at the gentle humour, grimaced at the over use of the word "totes" and although the story is very American and more than slightly predictable, we enjoyed the movie enough to stick it out to the musical end.

Now imagine if your children could not only watch the characters on the screen but also play with them, making up their own stories?

You'll be glad to hear that just in time for Christmas you can buy any or all of the trio in DC SuperHeroGirls Toddler Doll format, the perfect size for cuddling and carrying.

DC SuperHeroGirls Toddler Dolls Batgirl

Standing just under 40 cms tall these dolls from Jakks Pacific pack all the power of a superhero  - they are just a little smaller and sweeter looking.

All three obviously come with capes and a selection of accessories. The DC Toddler doll, Wonder Woman box, for instance comes with a doll with headband, 2 cuffs, 1 lasso, 1 belt and a pair of boots.

DC SuperHeroGirls Toddler Dolls Wonder Woman
The fantastic thing about these dolls, and the thing which surprised me is that they seem to appeal to Superhero fans of all ages. The dolls are not suitable for children under 36 months as the small parts could be a choking hazard but beyond that I reckon they'd be a great gift for any DC fan.

Take my 17 year old daughter for instance who was arguing with her 11 year old daughter about which one she was going to claim as her own.

DC SuperHeroGirls Toddler Dolls SuperGirl

Meanwhile they of course make super toys for imaginative play for younger children especially if you are trying to vary playtime from pretend parent play with baby dolls.

The dolls cost around £20 online and from good High Street toy shops. The DVD costs just under £5 online and so is great as a stocking filler.

Also great for stuffing those stockings are the DC SuperHero Girls Nail Art Power Packs. Get ready for action with 150 decals which you peel off the backing, stick onto clean nails then paint with the clear polish supplied. The kit is intended to be used by children over the age of 5 with adult supervision but I think my teenager who has already grabbed them is OK to put them on by herself don't you?
DC SuperHeroGirls nail art kit

Disclaimer: I received three dolls, the nail art kit and DVD free for the purpose of this honest review.