How to make toothbrushing fun and effective! Playbrush review

One product stood out at my recent visit to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas. Playbrush is a simple but ingenious idea, one of those annoying ones where you think " I could have thought of that". But you didn't.

Playbrush review

Basically, it's a gizmo you add to the bottom of a regular toothbrush which links to a selection of game apps for children. (Or adults who fancy livening up the morning routine!)

Playbrush review

The games are controlled by the movement of the brush during teeth cleaning. So for instance in one 2 minute game (2 minutes being the optimum tooth brushing period) little green "crobies" come marching towards the knight standing in the middle of the screen from top, bottom, left and right and if you brush from side to side you are shooting his weapon left and right and up and down.... well you get it.
Playbrush review

That in itself would motivate most children to brush for their allotted two minutes instead of a cursory 30 seconds. But the best thing we found about Playbrush is that for one, kids can earn medals for good tooth brushing technique and secondly, parents (paying a small subscription fee) can see which areas need more effort and focus and encourage them accordingly.

Playbrush review

Each kit contains a brush (although you can use your own if it has a normal handle - the gizmo doesn't work with sucker bottoms or electric toothbrushes) the rechargeable Playbrush attachment, a charger cable with a standard USB end and a splash proof pocket to sucker to the wall to place a phone or iPod in. 

Playbrush review

The basic set contains access to two games or if you opt for the subscription fee of £4.99 a quarter you can access up to five games and of course the parental brushing data app. For £8.99 a quarter you get all this and also get kids dental care products delivered every three months.

There are a variety of apps to suit all ranging from painting games to dance offs. They can fly an aeroplane or battle the crobies or mix and match depending on their mood.

We didn't bother using the pocket - my son's iPad is in a splash proof case with a sturdy stand.

The whole kit normally costs around £25 (but is currently in their Christmas SALE for £19.99) and because the gizmo is easily popped on and off the toothbrush you can share it among all of your children getting them to each make an account on the apps or have it loaded on their own phone, iPod or tablet if they have one.  

If you can though I'd buy one each which will save time at toothbrushing time and encourage some healthy competition as they all brush together.

I rushed this review out because I think every child should get a Playbrush for Christmas! 

We found the Playbrush particularly suitable for our son who has ASD (autism). We have had real problems getting him to clean his teeth. Sensory issues with the taste and texture of toothpaste is an issue plus the trauma of having a foreign object in his mouth mean I have had to clean his teeth for him every day even though he is 9.

You can imagine my pride and delight then when for the first time EVER using Playbrush he cleaned his own teeth and managed to earn some medals for technique as the game encouraged him to brush in different directions and at the right speed.

Child with ASD using Playbrush

To those with neurotypical children this might sound a bit pathetic but independent toothbrushing was one skills we hoped he would master if he's to go on his school residential trip next year and now we are one step closer to that.

It doesn't save me any time because I do supervise and encourage him while cleaning but it does make the whole experience much less stressful!

So, thank you Playbrush - a simple idea I wish I had thought of - I hope that soon there is one in every household! Now you have to develop one which works with an electric toothbrush for the ultimate clean.

Disclaimer: I received the basic Playbrush kit free for the purpose of this honest review.