Imaginative Ideas for Children's Bedrooms.

When I was young I had a plain old single bed. It was very comfortable, had a pink padded headboard perfect for sitting up to read in bed and a good view out of my window which was dressed with pretty flowery curtains . I was very happy with my bedroom.

Nowadays though parents have much more choice when it comes to interior design for children's rooms - check out this amazing bunk bed! Of course, you don't need to spend the earth to achieve a unique look actually.

London bus bunkbed

Take wall coverings for instance. I had interactive wood chip wallpaper which my mum had painted. Interactive? Well if you ever had wood chip paper as a child you know the best thing about it is picking the wood chips out of it.

Now you can buy themed paper or even create a feature wall with one of your favourite photos or indeed any image turned into wallpaper. Imagine - an entire wall of starry sky filled with Star Wars X-wings. Or maybe a snowy scene with Elsa letting it go.

You could also get creative with removable stickers which are changeable as children grow. Just make sure the surface you are adding them too is suitable (read the packaging for guidance) otherwise you will be painstakingly peeling them off while muttering through gritted teeth. Can you tell I may have done this?

Years ago my son wanted lizards on his wall. Not real ones obviously. He helped to designed a simple cardboard template then I painted two walls blue with white lizards and two walls white with blue lizards. My art work would not have won any prizes but at the time he was delighted and it was a simple job to repaint the walls when he was fed up with them.

Beds have come a long way too. I was blown away the first time I say one of those plastic car beds in a showroom! If you are on a budget however it might be wise to choose a bed which will last a while longer as your child grows.

Bunk beds, cabin beds, loft beds and mid sleepers are fun and are incredibly flexible. My teenage daughter's cabin bed comes with a built in desk and a sofa underneath which turns into a bed for sleepovers.

You can get midi beds with slides- that would make getting up in the morning more fun wouldn't it? I like the idea of cabin beds with tents which are perfect for play and for children who might feel more secure sleeping in a more enclosed environment.  You can get beds with built in storage- drawers or even a wardrobe which are great for smaller rooms and allows more space for play.
midi bed with tent Fort theme

Plain beds can be jazzed up with accessories like clip on awnings, stickers or simply with some gorgeous bedding which is relatively cheap and changeable as your child's Thomas the Tank Engine obsession makes way for football.

Add a colourful or themed rug and a cool toy box, hang some pictures and check out the amazing range of exciting light fittings you can get nowadays and you can soon have a one of a kind imaginative bedroom for your child.

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