Living in a Plague House thanks to Aussie Flu #mysundayphoto

I am living in a plague house. Well that's what it feels like anyway. All around me my family are dropping like the proverbial flies and it's a bit like living in a zombie movie, surrounded by pale faces with dark circled, red rimmed eyes.

It's eerily quiet as mostly they sleep, emerging occasionally for flu capsules, vitamins and honey and lemon drinks. Prepared by me of course, the only one left standing. Smug because I had the flu jab.

A couple are recovering now - my youngest daughter who basically was our Typhoid Mary is onto the light meals and jigsaw puzzle stage of recovery.

jigsaw puzzle pieces

My message to anyone out there who hasn't been caught by this nasty bug yet is GET A FLU JAB! It's not too late as the flu season is still in full swing.

Even if you aren't entitled to one for free (although an awful lot of people are) they don't cost much. Mine did not make me feel ill like some in previous years have and even if it had given me some aches and pains it's got to be better than losing days and even weeks to full blown flu.

I'm going to nag my husband next year as it looks like his planned op will be cancelled and of course we have lost income through the pesky "you don't get paid for first three days of illness" rule.

On the bright side we have caught up to series three of Grey's Anatomy after deciding to binge watch the entire thing. Every cloud......

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