A Middle-aged Mum's Bucket List

Next year I will turn 50. If I am honest I still feel 18 and I actually truthfully don't know where the years have gone. I looked away for a second just after sitting my A-levels and now it seems I have seven children, grey hair and I'm on first name terms with my GP.

I was watching a programme last night where a guy was told he didn't have enough time to live to work through his bucket list and all of a sudden realised that there's a chance I may never come anywhere near completing mine.

bucket list meme
I haven't even got round to writing it down fully, I just have a vague idea of things I would like to do if ever I have the time and money.

It fascinates me that what is a dream for some is a nightmare for others. I have absolutely no desire to  sky dive, wing walk or bungee jump. I don't fancy a tattoo and I'll probably never get anything intimate pierced.

I'm lucky that I have ticked off some of my bucket list items already.

I've slept overnight on a beach under the stars. It was in Cyprus and we had volunteered to turtle-watch, keeping predators away from hatching eggs.  If I am honest it was cold and uncomfortable and we didn't see any turtles sadly.
I've been on TV. Thanks to an old uni friend of mine, Carl Jones, who is a TV presenter in the Midlands, I have appeared on a couple of episodes of a current affairs chat show, Big Engine Debate on Made in Birmingham TV. 

madmumof7 on TV, Made in Birmingham TV

Turns out I like the limelight and can offer an opinion on just about anything without much notice. I'd love to do national TV - Loose Women? Need a new face?

I've had my own radio show. Ok so it was only on a local internet-based radio station, Radio Dacorum, but I had so much fun. It went a long way to banishing any nerves I may have had about public speaking.
I've owned a cabriolet car. In fact I still have one, a hard-top Peugeot 205cc which I adore. Give me a whiff of sunshine and I go all Thelma and Louise only without the death leap off the cliff at the end.

madmumof7 in cabriolet car

There's still lots of things I'd like to do.

I'm desperate to travel more. I went from uni to work to mortgage and never did as much travelling as I would have liked. I'd love one day to stay in accommodation on stilts over a clear sparkling ocean. I'd love to visit more capital cities. My son went to Tokyo and I am very envious of that experience. He did take me to Cape Town - my memories will last a lifetime.

madmumof7 in Cape Town

I'd actually love to live abroad. I was amazed when my mum upped sticks and moved to Cyprus and every time I visit I wonder why the hell I am still living in the cold damp UK!

madmumof7 in Cyprus

I'd love to visit Santa somewhere snowy. I don't have much longer to achieve this as I'd like to take my youngest son who has autism. It's magical taking him to see Santa and I'd love the opportunity to see his face when he meets the "real" one.

madmumof7 and Santa

I want to see the northern lights. Sadly living in the Home Counties I'm never going to see them from my garden. I know there are special flights and you can occasionally see them from the north of the UK but I'll never forget a friend telling me about seeing them during a Santa visit to Lapland. Two birds, one stone. Fabulous!

I want to fly first class. The nearest I have ever got to it is first class on Virgin trains at the weekend when you can pay just a  few pounds more for an upgrade. I would love to turn left on an aeroplane and fly somewhere exciting lying down with special airline pyjamas and fabulous food.

This is not my entire list but it includes some of the things I would most like to do. How about you? What's on your personal bucket list?

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