Makeover Your Kitchen Without Getting the Builders In

I love Pinterest but the rouble is, when I spend any time browsing boards I always get envious of other people's dream homes. I can't be just me that dreams of updating but lack the funds necessary for a full makeover?

Luckily there are ways of refreshing rooms in your home without spending a fortune or booking a builder. The kitchen in particular can look very different with a few cheats designed to make you fall in love with it again.

country kitchen

If you have some budget you could think about changing the worktops. DIY stores often have lengths of worktop in their discounted area although to be honest even full price laminated worktops don't cost a lot.

Think about changing the unit doors which can give you a whole new look without the bother or expense of replacing the whole kitchen. If you know someone with even basic DIY skills you could even move some of the original units around.

If the budget won't run to new doors think about painting them. You can buy a tin of kitchen door base paint for under £20 which will coat around 10 kitchen unit doors. Then simply choose a wipeable water resistant paint and within a day or two you could have a fresh new look.

My husband very cleverly glued old laminate floor boards onto our dull flat doors to create a Shaker shape. I then coated the laminate style cherry wood effect doors with the base paint and added an on-trend duck egg blue kitchen-friendly water and oil resistant paint. I then hunted for interesting (and mismatched) ceramic knobs to replace the original metal handles and I now have a kitchen I adore.

ceramic door knob for kitchen unit

Paint the walls to freshen up tired and possibly greasy areas or update your backsplash with a cheap and cheerful new box of tiles or a one-piece backsplash.

Want a quick fix? Nip to your local home store and pick up new canisters and maybe matching smaller equipment pieces like a kettle and toaster to match. I like the vintage look so my canisters are old tins picked up in charity shops and antique/bric a brac stores, mixed with airtight kilner jars for flour and sugar etc.

Many stores offer entire ranges designed to complement each other from dinner services to   saucepans and serving dishes. Maybe ask for vouchers for a birthday to enable you to buy a whole new set of accessories.

Buying new tea towels is a very cheap and cheerful way to brighten up your boring kitchen - ideal if you are limited by being in a rental place.  You can even buy bespoke tea towels for your kitchen and let's face it, even if you have a dishwasher, you still need tea towels for the stuff that won't go in it that has to be washed by hand.

Add some other fun touches like a new clock, or a picture or mirror. Treat yourself to new oven gloves, glass worktop savers or chopping boards you can display. Complete your new look with a new nightshade or light fitting.

Cow painting by Dr Elizabeth Cole

If you are lacking inspiration browse Pinterest, DIY store display units and magazines for ideas before deciding on your favourite look.

There are so many styles to inspire from cluttered country style to minimalistic ultra-modern and whatever you choose you can have fun picking out fun but functional pieces which show your visitors your personality.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post