Sand People of the Thames #mysundayphoto

We spent the day in London yesterday and walking along the Southbank we stopped to watch sand artists on the side of the Thames. They were creating some amazing sculptures  but because of their positioning and the bright sunlight and deep shadows I couldn't get a decent picture.

I did however love the lineup of shadows of the people watching in sharp outline on the sand and couldn't resist photographing that.

shadows of people along the Thames

Pulling back to show the bigger picture with the amazing sand sofa in shows what I mean about the light and shadows not really working. You can see the sofa the artist was creating but I don't like the light across the top of it.

Scroll down to see a third picture, cropped and filtered and then I'd love to hear which is your favourite picture of the three?

shadows of people admiring sand art along the Thames

cropped pic of shadows of people along Thames

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  1. Do you know, I think the first picture is my favourite because I could image Sand People rising up out of he Thames! I was, however, very impressed by the sofa. It is amazing what artists can build from the sand. #mysundayphoto

    1. I agree and originally was just going to post that one. But I thought it was interesting to see the bigger picture o give context. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Reflection / shadow pictures seem popular this week - must be the appearance of the sun :)

  3. Nice to see you got some sun this week. I love the first cropped version of it

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  4. That sofa is amazing, I do think sand sculptures are really clever. I like your shadow photos, sand people.

    1. They are amazing and so sad they get washed away by the tide.

  5. Lovely photos - shadows and hopefully some sun to make them.

  6. I love a good shadow photo of the family #mysundayphoto

  7. I don't think many people realise how much sand there is at some parts of the Thames in London. I love the row of shadows on the sand as you expect it to be overlooking the coast.


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