A Free From Feast (not just curry) from the Superfood Curry Company

I am a diabetic who avoids dairy so am already a pain to cater for, before you factor in my own personal food dislikes. I've actually eaten food I know could make me ill to be polite and to avoid that host's face fall when you answer the question "Any dietary requirements?" honestly.

chocolate and raspberry tartlets from the Superfood Curry Company

But I am a dream compared to my son's partner who is currently having to stick to the incredibly restrictive FODMAP Food list due to long term illness - planning a simple Sunday lunch is fraught with pitfalls and involves many messages to check ingredients.

This kind of dietary restriction is becoming more and more commonplace but although supermarkets and eating establishments are better than they were even ten years ago, there are still big gaps in the market catering for people who might be gluten free, diabetic, sugar free, carb free, dairy free, nut free. Add in those who follow a paleo, keto, vegetarian or vegan diet and you can see why a catering company which can cope with all of these requirements might prove very popular!

I went along to the launch of The Superfood Curry Company at the weekend - two lovely ladies, Meena and Kim, who previously had a successful multi award winning catering company, Cinnamon Travelling Cafe.

Meena and Kim from The Superfood Curry Company

They excelled at Indian, Caribbean and fusion soul and street food but were forced to take a break due to personal and family health issues.

These issues inspired them to relaunch their business but with a vital tweak - they are even more expert than previously at catering for specialist diets. They offer a wide range of ethnic foods, including  Indian and Caribbean high tea with adapted menus to make tasty food accessible for pretty much everyone.

Their motto is "Food to make your belly and soul rejoice" and after trying some of their dishes I can assure you this sums their recipes up beautifully!

Meena from The Superfood Curry Company offering bang bang chicken

I particularly liked the Bang Bang chicken which I ate on keto bread with dairy free spread.

My husband ate LOTS of the spicy Caribbean chutney on cheese and gluten free crackers- I wish they'd been selling the chutney in jars as it would liven up any Ploughman's! Vegan cheese versions were available too.

Cheese and crackers with Caribbean chutney

We both adored the coconut creme patisserie with mango and pomegranate seeds. Delicate but incredibly refreshing and sweet enough for my sweet tooth without any added sugar. It was dairy free and gluten free too.

Coconut cream patisserie from Superfood Curry Company

Chocolate lovers were catered for with some tiny chocolate and raspberry tartlets with pistachio which my husband found popped very nicely whole into his mouth.

mad dad of 7 with chocolate and raspberry tartlet

Meanwhile I could not leave the Caribbean ginger cake alone - it was so moist and tasty.

Home made Caribbean ginger cake

The great thing was that although it was "free from" food it was food that anyone could enjoy. It occurred to me that if my son every makes an honest woman of his GF the Superfood Curry Company would be the perfect caterers as across both families we have so many dietary restrictions it would be a nightmare for a run of the mill caterer.

Menus are tailor made but prices for a buffet start low at around £10 a head for a simple curry buffet.

I have to say I wasn't particularly looking forward to the tasting evening - the list of dietary restrictions being catered for implied the flavour of the dishes might be compromised. I am delighted to report I was completely wrong and the food was delicious and very flavoursome.

I am sure the new business will soon win as many awards as the last and get booked up so if you want to book them for your party, dinner party, occasion, event, home delivery or corporate do I'd be quick.

Check out the website for details of how to get in touch and to read about their amazing Dinnervention scheme which aims to pay it forward for hidden community superhero.

The only bad news is that since they've only just started up again, their service is limited to the Aylesbury/Tring/Berkhamsted area and surrounding villages in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. (Although even if you are out of area it might be worth an email or message them via Facebook just to ask if they can travel to you.)

Disclaimer: I enjoyed a free tasting evening for the purpose of this honest review.