Interplay Fab Lab Glitter Tattoos & Nail Art Sets- Review

My youngest daughter loves a bit of glitter and glamour so when I heard about Interplay Fab Lab activity kits I knew she would have hours of fun with them getting stylish for spring.

Interplay Fab Lab glitter tattoo set

The Fab Lab glitter tattoo set contains 27 stencils including a variety of different butterflies,  a seahorse, flowers, a star, hearts and a paw print.  There are also four pots of glitter, cosmetic glue and two brushes - all you need to make glam glittery tattoos with no fuss and very little mess.

My daughter (11) managed to create her own star tattoo but I think this set would be particularly fun to share with a group of friends or for some fun family time.

star glitter tattoo

The Fab Lab nail art set is fantastic for children because unlike normal nail varnish it peels or washes off so even on a school night you can have fun painting nails.

In the kit along with 7 varnishes (1 base coat and 6 colours) you get a brush for detailing and nail art, two different types of nail sprinkles, hearts and stars, a cute heart shaped emery board, toe separators and an easy to follow instruction manual complete with nail art ideas and a handy picture guide for best results.

Interplay Fab Lab nail art set

It's great to know you can incorporate nail painting into a relaxed family Friday evening then the results can be enjoyed over the weekend before removing quickly and easily with no harsh chemicals required before Monday morning.

nail art made with Interplay Fab Lab nail art craft set #review

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the nail varnish which went on smoothly and easily over the base coat (supplied). If you make a mistake or want to try a new design or take the polish off for school you simply peel or wash it off - it took seconds and didn't damage or mark the nail in any way.

peel off nail varnish

I plan to get both kits out at DD#2's 12th birthday sleepover in a couple of weeks as I'm sure her friends will love a bit of pampering along with a movie and lots of giggles. It's her first birthday celebration with new friends after starting secondary school in September so she's keen to make it a bit special.

Interplay Fab Lab nail art set reviewInterplay Fab Lab glitter tattoo set review

Interplay also do a Fab Lab Hair Lights kit for fun temporary colour highlights which wash out with just one shampoo. I'm planning to get that for the party too and with the three kits costing around £10 each I think it's a small price to pay for the amount of fun they will have.

Interplay's Fab Lab sets are available from lots of retailers online and in the High Street including Tesco Direct, John Lewis, Argos, Very and Ebay. Prices vary so shop around for the best deals.
madmumof7 and daughter

Disclaimer: I received the sets featured free for the purpose of this honest review.