Ashridge Bluebell Woods, Hertfordshire #MySundayPhoto

One of the very lovely things about where I live is that we are very close to the carpets of bluebells which transform Ashridge Forest in Hertfordshire every springtime and I can generally nip up there to photograph them before the hoards of tourists arrive.

ashridge  Forest bluebells Hertfordshire

One of the better known bluebell areas of the forest, Dockey Wood, has areas with low fencing and a small charge to enter at peak viewing times. I don't have a problem with this as there are lots of areas you can see bluebells without paying and lots of times you can see these particular bluebells for free.

National Trust members do not pay and the measures help prevent some of the trampling and parking damage which has been sad to see in previous years.

Love bluebells? You can book bluebell walks with knowledgeable National Trust staff members or buy a bluebell walk guide from the visitor centre for £1 where you can also buy bluebell scented products.

Bluebells in Ashridge Forest, Hertfordshire 2018

It was dull and drizzly when I took my photos so I had a play with Picmonkey to see what effects I could use. The first picture of the bluebells close up is completely unfiltered. The second has a light correction filter on. The third and fourth are the same picture, one with no filter and the other with some strong effects added. I quite like the effect which brings out the colour - what do you think? Which is your favourite picture?

You will be glad to know I didn't step on a single bluebell to take these pictures! I wasn't lucky enough to see wild deer this time but you might if you find a secluded spot or get there very early or at dusk. Make sure of course that you stick to the designated paths so that the fragile flowers are preserved for everyone to admire.

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  1. Replies
    1. I expect we will see quite a few online in the next week or so!

  2. I love bluebells, we will have to go along to our bluebell woods soon and see them, we were a little too early last year.

  3. Our bluebells are so behind, I think I have another week to wait before I can post photos like this, so pretty.

  4. Gorgeous woodland photos, I love it now that the bluebells have appeared

    Have a good Sunday

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  5. I love the bluebell photos at this time of year. I'm yet to find any myself though....

  6. So beautiful, I would love to find some near me and get some pics of the kids #mysundayphoto


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