Enhance Your Office With Plants In Cool Containers

My first office was grim. A vaguely grubby room with battered tables, a mismatch of often broken chairs and noticeboards with curling ancient memos and a fading list of useful numbers which was so old I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be useful any more. There was not a plant to be seen.

It was not an inspiring and fun environment to work in and I'm envious of people who work in offices with snazzy furniture-it's been proven that a great working environment enhances morale and productivity.

Today more and more businesses hire experts from various interior plant services to help them create indoor landscaping. No matter which interior plant services you hire, they are sure to explain to you how important plant containers are.

Choose a wide variety of containers
The best way of adding greenery to the office is by adding faux plants. These replicas of real plants do not need soil to grow. So why bother about containers? You have to bother about containers since to make the plant look real you need a realistic container to go with it. But since the plants are artificial you can opt for a variety of sizes which would be a problem with real plants. 

Whether you want a big or small container you can choose from a wide variety of materials like terracotta, fiber glass, plastic, bamboo, metal (aluminum, copper, brass and chrome and so on) and ceramic. 

Along with a large variety of materials, the containers come in a variety of shapes and size. Apart from the more common pot shapes, there are many shapes that could add more to the office interior design. Think about elongated, rounded, triangular and irregular shaped containers to add interest. 

The depth of the containers also varies, obviously usually for plants of different sizes. The designs you choose should be based on the décor as well as the plant that you want to add, especially if you opt for live plants

Top Tips
Irrespective of the material that the containers are made of, here are a couple of things that must be kept in mind while buying the containers:

  • Choose versatile containers which can go with more than just one kind of décor. This is important just in case you want to change the office interior design.
  • Choose the vessel in tune with the plant. Do not buy an oversized container for small or medium sized plants. Never try to fit an unrealistically large plant into a pot. It could even prove dangerous.
  • Select the material most suited for the office. If you have chances of the containers breaking then opt for metallic containers instead of ceramic ones.
  • No matter how good the containers look, never get too many. Even though making the office look green is a good idea, do not overdo it by adding too many plants. Both the plant and the container take up some space, no matter how big or small. 

Different interior designers will offer different choices in terms of style - ultra-modern, architectural, vintage etc. Shop around until you find someone who shares your vision for the workspace environment you are trying to achieve.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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