Wearing Sandals in the Snow?

It's cold. Well actually it's not that cold but compared to the balmy days we have just enjoyed it flipping feels cold. As my lovely late gran liked to say - there's a bitter wind. Well it is April in the UK so pretty normal.
sunbathing on canvas hammock

But since our mini heatwave I have rediscovered all the lovely summer clothes and shoes I have and so even if it snows I will be shivering in T-shirts and sandals from now until about November.

My mum, organised woman that she is, has a winter and a summer wardrobe which means she can quickly find the right clothes. This is much better than my system where I root through fleeces to find strappy vests.

I'm too lazy to pack my winter clothes away into storage like she does but I have decided it is now summer and regardless of the actual weather I will keep my summer attitude on and continue to wear the lovely bright clothes that go with the season.

To be fair in Britain we can have stupidly low temperatures and floods of rain (or even hail) well into actual summer so my body is acclimatised to less than summery temperatures.

Coping with disappointment is also a British trait, along with an unhealthy obsession with talking about the weather so no-one will think it's odd that I'm wearing flip flops even though my toes are blue. Even complete strangers in shops just say things like "at least it's not snowing" or "weather's due to warm up again at the weekend".

You can sit in any High Street or people watch at the beach and at any point of the year you will see some people in heavy coats and fur-lined boots and others in shorts and T-shirts.

British beach in April

There are boys at my son's school who wear shorts all year round, even though it's not compulsory and take pride in coping with lilac legs in minus temperatures.

So how about you? Are you going back to your woollies or are you like me - once that sun has shown it's face it's officially summer!