How To Embrace Your Body As a Mother.

Whether you are a first-time mum or, like me,  have had several children, no one really tells you how and why your body changes over time. When you have a new little one, trying to shift your stubborn baby weight can make any mum feel depressed, frustrated and upset. It's a shame because it can often ruin this precious time with your new baby.

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Rather than focusing on the negatives, now is the perfect time to rethink your mindset and begin to love your body, with love handles, tiger stripes and all. 

As women, our bodies are incredible and are designed to carry children, so we need to be prepared for change and to love and accept the way that our forms expand and adapt over the years. The sooner that you begin to embrace your body, the sooner you will begin to love yourself and feel more connected with your growing family.

The reality is that your body and metabolism change over time, so even if you once could eat whatever you liked without gaining any weight, then now may be a different story. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as your body will evolve in exciting new ways. 

If you are just beginning your journey into motherhood, it is vital that you book in with your doctor to have regular and thorough check-ups. During a routine consultation, get your height and weight checked and be sure to discuss any familial health issues also, especially if you feel that you could now be at greater risk. Take time to discuss your current mood and try to remain positive even if you get bad news.

Take it easy on yourself

When you are a new mum, you may be feeling a lot of pressure to slim and get back into your pre-baby jeans. However, do not rush and take it easy on yourself to regain your figure. 

If you have just very recently given birth, then you will not be able to workout until you get the all-clear from a trained medical professional. Don't be tempted to rush into strenuous exercise. You may do more harm than good!

Make sure that you remain positive and upbeat and take it easy on yourself – you are not in a rush! After all, it took nine months to develop the baby so don’t expect to spring back into shape as soon as you’ve given birth. 

Do allow yourself that odd cake or sweet treat, even if you are on a diet, and try not to be too hard on yourself if you do have an off day. 

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Surround yourself with your family and positive friends, or people that you love. Now that you are a mum, take it easy on yourself and remain more relaxed in terms of weight loss. Try to love your newfound curves and confidence, motherhood will make you bloom and your figure will blossom.

Check in with your metabolism

Now that you are a mum, or even as you age, you will notice that your metabolism will noticeably begin to slow down. In fact, you may also rapidly begin to lose muscle tone and could even find it harder to shift fat in those stubborn areas. 

However, if you feel that your metabolism is slowing down, there are a few quick fixes that you can take to speed it up again and get your health back on track. If you used to be able to eat whatever you like, and think this is due to your DNA, then this can be risky so be sure to schedule in an appointment with your nutritionist or a dietitian. 

You may need to rethink your current diet and exercise routine if you are keen to get toned results. Try incorporating weights into your workout, if you are looking to shed body fat and increase and improve your muscle tone. 

Try out different classes at your local gym if you feel that you are stuck in a rut and are looking to shape up your routine. Remember that your body will change with time, so again, it is vital that you keep motivated and are not too hard on yourself. Little and often is better than spurts of over exercising and over time, you will boost your metabolism and may even gain some more energy.
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Besides metabolism, your bowel movement may also be affected after childbirth. Women may experience postpartum gas, feeling bloated, and constipation frequently after pregnancy and childbirth. If it becomes too uncomfortable and disrupts your everyday life, scheduling a consultation with your health-care provider is a good idea. Ask about
taking probiotics supplements that help with digestion and bowel movements and lifestyle changes you can make to alleviate your symptoms.

Change takes time

Becoming a mum means lots of changes. From your figure to your current relationship with your partner, and even being a mum, change is not always easy to adapt to and accept. However, it is vital that you know and respect the fact that change will take time, and be sure to try and enjoy your journey. 

It is important that you learn that you need to embrace rather than fight change, as this will enable you to grow and develop as a person. It is important that you also spend time on your  relationship with your partner also, and be open and honest about how you both feel. The same goes for friends - not everyone will be fascinated with every detail of your baby's routine. Remember that you are a mother, but this does not need to shape who you are as a person. 

Whether  you are a new mum or have already got several children, then it can be difficult to embrace and accept the changes that your body and mind are going through

However, if you want to be a super mum, then it is crucial that you take time to accept and embrace your new figure and do not try to lose all of your baby weight too soon. Take it easy on yourself, and surround yourself with loving and positive people. 

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Try and find out new ways to get up and active, even if that's just a pram walk with new mummy friends. Take "me" time for workouts too, so that you can help yourself to feel more fit and confident. 

Finally, remember that change takes time so be sure to enjoy your new journey. Just because you are a mum, you should not let this have a negative effecton who you are as a woman. Enjoy motherhood and make sure that you throw yourself into change, and embrace your new body and lifestyle.