Bubble Wrap Ice-cream in London's Chinatown #mysundayphoto

My daughters have been desperate to try one of these bubble wrap ice creams since we first spotted the queues of people waiting to buy them in London's Chinatown months ago.
During a day trip last week we noticed the queue was a lot smaller (briefly) so jumped in and finally the girls got to choose their own concoctions.

bubble wrap ice-cream London Chinatown

My younger daughter chose vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and white chocolate sauce but my older daughter reflected her personality with a bonkers mix of strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, caramel sauce and fruit loops. Makes your teeth hurt just thinking about it doesn't it? 

I gave it a miss due to a dairy intolerance and diabetes but I'll confess I did try a bit of the "cone" which was very tasty.

Has anyone else enjoyed one of these sweet treats? What combination did you choose?