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I had a scary moment on a night flight last year when en route to Cape Town I started to feel really unwell. Staggering towards the toilets at the back I realised I wasn't going to make it and started to black out.

 Luckily thanks to the fact I was spotted and swiftly helped by the aircraft's staff before I lost consciousness I was able to inform them I was diabetic which meant they were much more quickly able to stabilise my condition. I went on to enjoy a lovely holiday - although without fast medical help the trip could have had a very different ending.

madmumof7 in Cape Town

It made me aware that if I had passed out they might have wasted valuable time locating and waking my travelling companion before realising that my illness was probably related to my diabetes.

I started looking at medical alert jewellery but to be honest the very thought of it made me feel old and frumpy until I found the range by Butler and Grace.

butler & grace medical alert and ID jewellery

From trendy latex-free silicone wristbands to engraved sterling silver bracelets the company has something to suit pretty much every style.

Choose cord, leather, beads or chain and select from a number of conditions from autism to allergies or create your own custom jewellery. With prices starting at £2.49 there really is no reason to put off making this the day you take action to help secure awareness, understanding and targeted medical help in an emergency.

The founder of Butler & Grace, Tanya Butler has a young relative with a hidden medical condition so understands the challenges of finding something fashionable and discreet to carry medical and ID details. Thats why there is such a range which should give even the fussiest teen a choice of designs.

You can have most pieces made to your exact specifications size-wise so suitable for children and those like me with freakishly narrow wrists. (If only my waist matched my wrists!) Instructions on how to size your wrist are on the website.

butler & grace medical alert and ID jewellery

I chose "Code" a gorgeous black agate beaded piece with hematite cross on one side and a charm with the universally recognisable Caduceus medical symbol on one side and my condition, Type 2 Diabetes, engraved on the other.

butler & grace medical alert and ID jewellery

butler & grace medical alert and ID jewellery

It came beautifully boxed and feels very well made, very substantial which is great as I'll be wearing it every day and something fragile would just not do.

There are necklaces and even shoes tags available too, and you can buy spare tags and charms if you have to add or change the alert. They'd all make unusual but beautiful and practical gifts and you can order them with personalised messages or ID information even if you don't have a medical condition which needs to be added so go along and have a browse.

Disclaimer: I received a medical alert bracelet free for the purpose of this honest review.

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