Small Plates & Cocktails at Iron Bloom, Shoreditch #review

I feel sorry for people who only ever eat at chain restaurants. Great as they are for certain circumstances you cannot beat the excitement of exploring a quirky independent like Iron Bloom Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in achingly trendy Shoreditch.

Iron Bloom, Shoreditch #review

 This former iron factory at 46 Eastern Street has been cleverly transformed into a characterful hang out with drinkers and diners still able to admire many original features like the cast iron pillars and an industrial lift housing a DJ booth featuring the ever faithful set up of Technics 1210’s and Pioneer mixer. As you dine, the warm crackle of vinyl washes over you from the Martin Audio speakers. 

Soulful ‘supper house’ is the order of the day as the resident in-house DJs deftly weave their wax together to create an exquisite soundtrack which is enjoyable but not intrusive

I was worried this modernised hang-out would be filled with lots of "too cool for school" types but it turned out to be a warm and welcoming foodies paradise for all ages. There are stools at a high bar, booths and a long table down the middle of this venue making it perfect for couples and groups alike.

Iron Bloom, Shoreditch, London #review

The menu is made up of a variety of small plates and although Iron Bloom describes the food as British cuisine I'm not sure that description does justice to the imaginative menu. Yes, British- but executed with a culinary sophistication many food snobs don't believe our nation is capable of.

Of course it's Shoreditch so there's some predictable fashionable faves on offer - a black pudding quail scotch egg and wild boar, game and apple croquettes which (unlike some I have been offered recently) were moist and tasty.

Black pudding and quail scotch egg Iron Bloom, Shoreditch

Burger lovers will adore the quirky British Wagyu burger served in a black bun - be prepared for drips, this is a proper dirty burger.

British Wagyu Burger, Iron Bloom Shoreditch

I loved the red mullet with agave, rum, raisin and pineapple which was wrapped in a banana leaf then cooked over charcoal. It proved to have a delicate flavour which proved very more-ish. Iron Bloom suggest you share their small plates but this is one I'd definitely want all to myself.

Also cooked over charcoal was a lamb chop which was served with a delicious chunky fig jam. (It was a little fatty but I like it like that.)  I was slightly disappointed about the tuna tartare with lime and samphire which was picture perfect on the plate but I felt could have benefitted from more seasoning.

Tuna Tartare, Iron Bloom, Shoreditch

Normally I wouldn't mention the fries in a review but Iron Bloom's offerings deserve a round of applause. They were light, crisp and flavoursome. Yum!

But the full standing ovation must go to the smoked cod roe with crab butter on a crumpet, topped with caviar. This was not some stodgy bread product but a delicate treat with expertly blended flavours. Bravo chef!

smoked cod roe with crab butter on a crumpet, topped with caviar. Iron Bloom

smoked cod roe with crab butter on a crumpet, topped with caviar.Iron Bloom menu

I must mention the cocktails. Iron Bloom is brought to you by the creators of Looking Glass Cocktail Club at the forefront of the Shoreditch cocktail scene. Ask the friendly staff to guide you through the intricate cocktail menu - they know best how to pair cocktails with dishes to make your dining and drinking experience complete. 

cocktails at Iron Bloom Restaurant and Cocktail Bar,, Shoreditchcocktails at Iron Bloom Restaurant and Cocktail Bar,, Shoreditch

Sated and slightly squiffy my evening was coming to an end but Iron Bloom had one last pleasant surprise in store - a flaming digestif prepared at our table with flair which left me with a warm fuzzy feeling as I made my way out into the still bustling London streets.

cocktails at Iron Bloom, Shoreditch

Disclaimer: I ate and drank free for the purpose of this honest review.

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