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Years ago skincare was something only women worried about but a quick glance at many bathroom shelves and bedside tables will prove that these days, neither age nor gender is a barrier for caring for skin. From birth to burial we all need a helping hand with the ole epidermis now and then.

My husband's skincare range collection is fast approaching the size of my own, especially since he grew a beard. Did you know that skin under a beard can get dry and itchy and needs a gentle but effective moisturising routine to avoid - horror of horrors - beard dandruff!

I used to slap on any old moisturiser but since the menopause hit (like a lorry full of bricks) I've found my skincare needs have changed and it's not just my face and legs which need help.

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Now apologies if this is too much information (don't say I didn't warn you) but after conquering my embarrassment and heading to my GP to ask what was causing itchiness and discomfort" down below" I discovered that menopause-related hormone havoc can cause your lady garden area to dry out.  Eeeeek!

My lovely doctor recommended hormone pessaries and regular moisturising of the external region with a fragrance-free, colour-free simple and gentle emollient (moisturiser).

I found baths with Epaderm ointment, developed by dermatologists, gave the best relief. The ointment is a 3 in 1 moisturising solution which can be used in the bath, as a skin cleanser or direct to skin as a rich moisturiser.

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Epaderm ointment (available in most good High Street chemists) might not have such pretty packaging as some moisturisers but it is a good workhorse at a great price. Just look at these facts.

  • Suitable for very dry and cracked skin
  • Applicable for all ages, including babies
  • Free from fragrance, colouring and SLS  (sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a foaming agent / detergent).
  • Epaderm is recommended by doctors and is the no.1 prescribed emollient ointment in the UK
  • Available in 125g, 500g and 1kg sizes
OK so that's my legs, arms, torso and lady bits sorted along with my husbands beard zone and the rest of his face. Epaderm also helps soothe and smooth rough hands (from gardening, DIY or other manual work) which my husband suffers from - sorting them out pleases us both *winks in a cheeky fashion*.

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What about the very delicate facial area which in my case suffers horribly with dryness caused by cold weather and our central heating? Epaderm also comes in a light, non-greasy cream format which is great for regular use banishing dryness and giving you the chance to go from ancient crocodile to lovely smooth Goddess in just a couple of weeks.

"But I have eczema/psoriasis", I hear you cry. Never fear, Epaderm is here. It's doctor recommended and available on prescription in some cases but cheap enough to pick up in Boots and other stores if your skin condition doesn't warrant a prescription.

Used regularly it can break that itch/scratch cycle and help repair and soothe damaged dry skin and ease redness.

Now obviously, I am a mum of 7 and have faced infant and childhood eczema and dry skin issues in many of my brood.  In the past I have used ointments designed for adults which are also suitable for children but was glad to see that Epaderm now offer a new range, Epaderm Junior, which is suitable for even tiny babies.
Eapdern Junior #OneTwoFreeYourSkin

Even if your little one doesn't have especially dry skin I cannot stress enough the joy of using a product like Epaderm for baby massage which my children loved after bathtime. 

I went to a class at our local clinic to learn skills but fundamentally you just slowly and gently massage in an emollient or cream one limb at a time while keeping the rest of your child's body warm and secure in a warm dry towel. You can find lots of instructional videos on YouTube or there's this great guide from the NCT to get you started.

There are lots of benefits to baby massage and it can be great to ease colic, encourage bonding, aid sleep and also can be beneficial for mums with post natal depression. 

OK so I've gone on enough. If you want to know more about the Epaderm range, including Epaderm Junior you can visit the website HERE.

Disclaimer: This post is an entry into the Epaderm Blogger Ambassador Competition. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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