Four Ideas For Your Next UK Staycation

If youre looking for some little nuggets of written inspiration for your next holiday within the fine confines of the Births Isles then youll need to look no further than this article. Detailing four of the best when it comes to city stays, natural hideaways or intriguing destinations, this article comes up with the goods, presenting four alternative staycation ideas for you and your family. 

Whether youve got a weekend, a week or a month to spend away, these destinations will have you salivating to get away while remaining in the UK.


Not an original idea, perhaps, but how about you go to the capital city - don’t forget, it’s possibly the world’s greatest cultural hub - and do everything you haven’t done before. 

Tower Bridge, London

In fact, make a conscious effort to avoid tourist attractions at all costs, soaking up some of London’s more understated attractions, like its parks, its sporting venues, or its smaller, more humble waterways. See if you can find this magical little house, tucked away in a square just a short distance from a bustling city street.

London squares.

 If you’re interested in seeing something unique during your stay, pick up some cheap London attraction tickets to boot. From live comedy through to interpretive dance, capping your day off with an evening of entertainment will make for the perfect London staycation.

The Hebrides

All the way up north now, let’s talk Scottish islands. You’ll only find some of the most breath-taking scenery in the whole of the UK in this largely forgotten corner of the British Isles, and it’s often totally deserted for your exploratory pleasures. 

Simply pack your family with a tent or a cottage booked in an island glen, and have a wonderful time exploring beaches and coves, mountains and glens, and all the magical Scottish highland landscapes that you never knew existed quite so close to home. 


A staycation in Yorkshire is the perfect blend of vibrant, multicultural and proud cities and the surrounding glorious rolling landscapes that inspired Hockney and the Bronte sisters in their Yorkshire-based creations. 

Leeds and Sheffield are the dominant powerhouses - old industrial centres which’ve turned into bright and cheery student cities with plenty of cultural delights to be enjoyed - including some of the finest cuisinein the UK. 

Elsewhere, you’ll not have to go far before you emerge into rolling dales or stark, flat moors - rolling stonewalled fields or beautifully craggy mountains. The perfect staycation for day trips, Yorkshire will charm your socks off - and it’ll offer you a cuppa to boot.


Right down in the diminutive corner of Kent, closer to France than it is to Yorkshire, you’ll find the charming little town of Margate. This is your final inspiration for a staycation with a difference, and it’s one for the families who’re looking for quaint and quiet, with beach-side attractions galore without the upheaval and noise of places like Blackpool or Brighton. 

Margate beach

A seaside stay here can be just the ticket for weary families looking for a little UK-based R&R, so don’t rule out little Margate for the perfect little stay away with the kids.

These four destination ideas should get you rummaging around for the holiday required to head off and explore the UK with your family.

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