Inspired by Kate - Pondering My Eulogy. #BeMoreWitWitWoo

This summer saw a sad loss in the blogging and wider community when one of our own was taken suddenly, unexpectedly and tragically. I know I am not alone in being inspired by Kate Sutton's legacy to #BeMoreWitWitWoo.


It was humbling and wonderful to see so many people outpouring love and respect for one woman and I wonder if she ever knew what kind of positive impact she made on so many lives? I think probably not.

For us left here there is still time to influence what legacy we leave. Kate's death is a stark reminder that life is not always four score years and ten and so we should seize the day. Which is why I shared the photo below on social media in July along with thousands of other influences who braved a swimwear shot in memory of a colleague sadly lost.

madmumof7 in bikini #BeMoreWitWitWoo

It also made me take a cold hard look at my own life and wonder how my life thus far might be summarised in a eulogy. To so many people I am still "that mad woman who had seven children" and although my children are obviously a huge and vastly important part of my life I hope I am remembered for more than that.

 A friend once said she attended the funeral of a former university professor friend of hers. She remembered this woman as a fierce mind, outstanding academic and wonderful person. My friend was so upset that the eulogy she heard focussed on the woman's talent for making a fine Victoria Sponge.

I know that I am a different beast in different situations and with different people and hope that my friends and family chat after my passing and cobble together a picture which more fully illustrates my life than my ability to breed and make a decent roast dinner.

madmumof7 and maddadof7

I'd like to be remembered as caring, funny, empathic, generous and kind. I suspect sarcastic and gossipy might be listed too.

I'd like to think that while remembering my dislike of walking for fun, people will remember that I'll always try to go the extra mile for someone in need.

I hope that along with my peculiar and extensive list of foods I refuse to eat which includes cheese and tomatoes but not Dominoes pizza (I know, it doesn't make sense to me either) people will recall my willingness to share our last slice of bread, to stretch any meal to include friends and my love of being the hostess, never happier than surrounded by people I love, sharing a meal.

Above all I hope people I have encountered along the way so far will stand (as so many did for Kate) and say that knowing me made a positive difference to their lives. If I achieve that I will be satisfied.

There are so many of you that have made a difference to my life that I cannot begin to list you all. But hopefully you will know who you are - bloggers, family, friends - Thank You.

Now go out and LIVE your life. Eat the cake, drink the cocktail, wear the bikini. But make your own pathway a positive one so that you too are remembered with love like Kate.

sunset in rural england

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