October Mists In Rural England....#mysundayphoto

October is here with an odd mix of misty mornings and sunny afternoons meaning you have to start the day in boots and sweaters and end it in flip flops and spaghetti straps. 

Aldbury, Hertfordshire, England

This is Aldbury in Hertfordshire where the cloud was so low this week that it hid much of Ashridge Forest above it. Yes, the pond is empty - ongoing restoration works I'm told.

The wooden stocks you can see are not as old as they look but are a restored copy. It's a lovely place to start or end a walk in the forest and has two pubs and a cafe serving food and drinks plus free parking just out of the village centre.

It might look familiar because its a popular location for film and TV productions.

So autumn is bedding in and winter is on its way. I kinda don't mind. My slow cooker has already been pressed into action ( I made my English version of the German classic Bratwurst with Kale, bacon and pears) and my daughter had her first hot chocolate of the season a couple of days ago.

What are your favourite things about autumn?