Winter Plans For Your Car

The leaves are turning and the temperatures are dropping. I heard that frost has already hit some parts of the UK. It's definitely a good time to check that your vehicle is fit for the winter ahead.

Fiat 500 car under cloudy skies

Of course the parts of the car that will save your life top your priority list. In this post I will be sharing certain preventive measures you must take to prep yourself safer travels.

1.     Check tyres have sufficient tread by slipping a 20 pence coin in the grooves - if you can see the outline of the outer band your tyre does not have enough tread. This condition of tyres is very dangerous and is in fact not legal.

UK 20 pence piece

2.   Brakes also need checking. You might not pay much attention but one of the most important components of a car is the functionality of brakes. You have to ensure that they work smoothly and in time. They might seem fine on dry days but add in rain, ice or snow your brakes are the main thing between you and a potentially fatal accident.

This small effort helps you a long way. It could save your money too. Change your brake pads for very little cost before they wear down too much and damage your brake discs. Waiting to hear the grinding noise means you’ve probably left it too late and your garage bill will be higher.

3.     Check that your interior heat/cold air flow systems work. De-misting your windscreen is essential, especially on days where you jump into your cold car and your breath immediately causes every window to fog. Make sure you have a solution to this too.

It might seem mad as temperatures fall but you should get your air conditioning checked, not just to keep you cool but to act as an efficient de-mister. Get your air conditioning gas levels checked and systems serviced regularly to avoid issues. Top tip- check out Calmac Tyres Autocentre in Northampton for all your air conditioning requirements.

Now is a go time to make sure your in car heating, heated seats, heated windscreen defrost systems and heated wing mirrors are all working before the cold weather really hits. Sometimes just a simple fuse change can restore service.

4.   Once winter really takes hold don't forget your car's underside and body work. Salt on roads can corrode so make sure you regularly at least rinse if not wash your car and consider and underbody wash occasionally at the car wash.

madmumof7 in Peugeot 205cc car

And last but not least, consider buying a roadside assistance service especially if you are likely to be carrying vulnerable people like children or older people who might struggle to cope with waiting for help at the roadside. 

Do read the small print though as to what vehicles they cover (some don't assist with larger people carriers or cars over ten years old) and exactly what services they offer. For instance you don't need to pay extra for European cover if you never drive overseas, and if you would like a rental car to continue your journey rather than a lift in a breakdown truck then make sure that is included in your policy.