Enjoy A Healthy Lifestyle Through Coffee

I always regard my coffee habit as a bit of a guilty pleasure. From my morning lungo to the flavoured concoctions I enjoy while out shopping, it has always seemed that coffee is just a naughty treat. But then I discovered some people believe drinking certain types of coffee could actually benefit your health.

I'm sorry but your gingerbread latte is not likely to do anything but give you a caffeine high and a bit of a sugar rush but products from Organo Gold might well help you maintain good health through the addition of a very special ingredient.

Organo use the  rare and delicate spores of the organic Ganoderma mushroom which are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. These spores are blended into products including a range of coffees to suit all tastes to help support and boost your immune system.

The Ganoderma mushroom has apparently been used for thousands of years by people who believe it offers benefits for their immunity - it's one of the oldest mushrooms to be used in Chinese herbalism. It's sometimes known as the Reishi or Linghzi mushroom.

The many health benefits claimed by its' fans are thought to stem from substances called triterpenes which are also found in products like honey, apples and cranberries. There are  50 of these substances found exclusively in Ganoderma Lucidum mushrooms. Organo Gold collect the organic spores when the mushroom matures - a tricky a precise procedure which has to be timed just right.

Apparently after 5-7 months maturing, the mushroom releases spores from the underside of the mushroom - it takes around 2000 pounds of spores to make just 2 pounds of spore powder which is digestible by humans.

The powder is blended with coffees, teas and other products so that consumers can gain the benefit of the spores (which add a slightly nutty flavour to products) with the ease of use and convenience we have come to expect in modern life.

After all, it's so simple to just enjoy a cuppa so why not make it one which may well leave you feeling healthier?

The company offers a coffee selection set so you can discover your favourite blend. You can even get a creamy Cafe Latte, mocha, hot cocoa and a range of teas which still have the addition of Ganoderma lucidum so you could pop that in your travel mug and bypass the high street coffee store whilst still enjoying your favourite pick me up.

Founded in 2008, ORGANO™ is a global company that offers a variety of premium everyday products including coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and personal care items that caters to consumer's active lifestyles. The company currently operates in over 45 countries on six continents.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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