Stand Out From The Crowd With Custom Office Supplies.

I don't know if it's an age thing, a blogger thing or a kickback against an increasingly digitalised world but I find myself enchanted by stationery and office supplies. Actual, hold in your hand items which won't get lost when your gadget throws a hissy fit.

Don't get me wrong - I am almost permanently tied to my smart phone and laptop but stationary is making a comeback and I for one am delighted. Sometimes it's good to have paper copies of essential information and notes, filed neatly in ring binders and folders. And let's face it, nothing beats the unadulterated joy of opening a brand new notebook.

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From a work point of view I've learned that first impressions and good presentation tools are vital especially in a competitive market. I spent a long time designing my business cards and choosing a great print service and am rewarded for my time and effort every time someone comments on how great they are.

Being memorable is a great way of putting yourself and your business ahead of the pack so consider using personalised stationery and presentation tools including custom printed folders, printed ring binders and slip cases.

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Make sure your branding is consistent across business cards, your website, leaflets and flyers, letterheads and presentation stationery. Use one supplier for all to guarantee a professional finish which is the same across everything.

Some companies will even help you develop your branding before producing items for your office and business. Think carefully about what you are trying to tell your customers. Sometimes simple is best - something too clever might come across as obscure or baffling. Having said that sometimes thinking out of the box can work - who would have thought years ago that the name Google would become a household name?

Market your business using your branding - calendars are still very popular corporate gifts at Christmas for clients and for very little outlay you can have your company name sitting on someones desk for an entire year!

office calendar

The same goes for presentation items. If there's three folders on a desk up for consideration by a customer and two are buff and one is printed with a companies name, logo or even an image of the product or another captivating image, which one is going to be picked up first and remembered?

And if training is your game it's vital to make materials engaging so take the time to do more than photocopy in black and white and then add a staple or two. Modern printing technology means everything from files to folders can capture your company ethos so why not utilise it?

Today's customers are used to high res, top quality websites and adverts so to stay ahead of the game you need to make your office and presentation supplies just as engaging.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post

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