A Historical Gem in the Heart of Salford - Ordsall Hall

I honestly thought my sat nav had let me down. After a four hour drive I was tired and figured the pixies in my gadget must be too. But no, the magnificent Tudor building that is Ordsall Hall really is in the middle of a modern housing estate just a stone's throw from the popular Salford Quays outlet shopping centre and Manchester city centre.

Ordsall Hall, Salford, UK

The building is jaw-droppingly stunning and somehow the juxtaposition with the very ordinary buildings around it make it all the more beautiful. Just squint and you can imagine it hundreds of years ago set in rolling countryside. Now, like the Manchurian band, it's an oasis. (Writer carefully puts down the shoehorn used to force that pun in.) A grand historical building surrounded by very ordinary modern homes.

view to one of the garden areas outside Ordsall Hall, Salford with modern estate around.

Entering the building for the Flea Ents North West Blogger's social meet-up I was blown away with the beautifully preserved condition of the building. I had missed the official tour organised by the venue for the bloggers but had a whistle-stop private tour of the building including the bedrooms, reputed to be haunted. No, that's not a headless ghoul in the picture, just a dummy modelling a frock. Although there is meant to be a ghostly white lady gliding around the premises.....

Haunted bedroom at Ordsall Hall, Manchester

You might have seen Ordsall Hall featured on the TV show, Most Haunted. You can book ghost night adventures there or watch the night-time ghost cam from the comfort of your own home holding a pillow to hide your face if it gets too scary.

I have to say, I found the atmosphere in the first bedroom I visited (pictured below) quite odd. It was distinctly chilly and there was definitely a tense feeling to the air which oddly wasn't replicated in the other bedroom.

Haunted bedroom at Ordsall Hall, Salford, Manchester UK

Coming down the stairs chatting happily to Alison (the PR who helped me organise the event) I suddenly spotted fleeting movement on the landing above us even though there was no-one there. A vivid imagination? Maybe, although I wasn't thinking about ghosts at that moment.

So slightly spooky but not enough to put me off my fabulous lunch in the gorgeous 500 year old Tudor dining room at Ordsall Hall. I was not surprised to learn lots of couples choose to get married there  as it's such a stunning setting. You thankfully can't eat peacock pie there any longer but more modern tastes can easily be catered for with options ranging from canap├ęs to hog roasts.

peacock pie display, example of a Tudor delicacy, Ordsall Hall, Salford

It may be smart enough for a stylish wedding or vow renewal but Ordsall Hall is still a fantastically family-friendly destination. The way the Tudor kitchen is set up you can really imagine it bustling with servants preparing a fine feast.  You can even hear the fire crackling.

Tudor kitchen at Ordsall Hall, Salford

There are lots of hands on activities for even the most tactile of toddlers and loads of special events to help make those school holidays fly by.

rubbing activity at Ordsall Hall, Salford

The grounds and the Hall make an attractive backdrop for artists and photographers and anyone interested in history will be fascinated by the colourful background stories from this beamed and beautiful Salford gem.

If you can tear yourselves away from Ordsall Hall there is lots more to do in the area - shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, waterspouts and more. Check out Salford Community Leisure's website for more information on venues and what's on.

I'd say if you aren't local it's well worth treating yourself to a city break in the area to make the most of what Salford and Manchester have to offer.

Stained glass at Ordsall Hall, Salford, Manchester UK

Disclaimer: I enjoyed a Blogger Meet-up at Ordsall Hall free as part of the Flea Ents Communities social programme. Join your regional Flea group on Facebook for your chance to attend future events. With many thanks to Ordsall Hall and Alison from Project Commications for all their hard work and warm welcome.

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