How It's Made - British Packaging Technology.

From being something most shoppers didn't think about to being a national obsession, packaging has hit the headlines as people think more carefully about the way the products they buy are wrapped or presented.

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And while it's absolutely right that we should look to cut unnecessary, non-recyclable wrapping, there are some things that do need packaging of some variety for a number of reasons including hygiene, transport or safety, and it's good to know that our country is leading the way in offering consistent quality, cost effective and precision packaging.

From pizzas to pharmaceuticals packaging has to be suitable for maintaining quality, enabling transport and being user-friendly at the point of sale and on the way home. The machines that encase the products in the packaging need to be reliable and well designed.

Yes you might be able to put apples from the market into a reusable string bag but products like potentially dangerous medicines and the pizza you've just picked up from the store for the kid's tea really don't suit being chucked loose into your rucksack.

One company leading the way in top quality effective packaging solutions is C Pack Ltd, based in Leeds in Yorkshire but with customers all over the globe proving that British engineering is still world class. From America to Australia, Canada to Czech Republic, C Pack Ltd is flying the flag for Britain.

In the interests of research I had a peek at the company website being as oddly I am not an expert in packaging technology. I was drawn to a YouTube video of one of the firm's fantastic gift wrapping machines. You have to watch it - it's mesmerising.

I really wish I had one. Being a mum of 7 is all very well but with seven birthdays and Christmas every year, a gift wrapping machine would be really handy!

Of course I am joking. This nifty machine is obviously not for home use but for wrapping those lovely gift sets which are so handy to give as presents. I'll be honest, I'd never given a second thought to how those were wrapped but watching the video is a great demonstration. Who needs elves when you have a Giftwrap 3000 Super Gift Wrapping machine!

I love that programme showing how things work so was fascinated to see exactly how those film sleeves with the branding and use by dates are added to milk bottles for example.

They say you learn something new every day and that has certainly been true today!

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