Top 6 Music Festivals in Estonia

Are you pondering whether to spend your hard earned cash (or student loan money) on a 

holiday or a festival? Why not combine the two and enjoy a unique musical break in beautiful 


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 "Where on earth is Estonia and why should I go there?" I hear you asking. Let me tell you.

Estonia, a country is Northern Europe borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland which includes more than 1,500 islands.

It has incredibly diverse terrain which ranges from rocky beaches to ancient forests and stunning lakes.

Formerly part of the Soviet Union it practically bristles with castles, churches and fortresses. 

The Capital city is Tallinn which has a well preserved Old Town, lots of museums and the 314 metre 

high Tallinn TV tower which has an observation deck.

Festival wise Estonia offers a wide range to suit a variety of musical tastes.

music festivals in Estonia

Maybe start the festival season with a bang at Tallinn Music Week in the trendy neighbourhood of 

Telliskivi, or experience the  nation’s spirit at the Estonian song festival.

Fancy dancing round the mystical Leigo Lake or enjoying music and nature on the picturesque island 

of Muhu? Seriously why would you not?

Here are Estonia’s top six festival experiences.

music festivals in Estonia

Tallinn Music Week, 28 – 30 March

Tallinn Music Week is an urban culture festival showcasing new international acts. Taking place

 across ten venues in Telliskivi, the creative hub of Estonia, and Port Noblessner, a trendy industrial 

seaside area, a line-up of 200 artists will take to the stage for three jam-packed days and nights. 

Visitors can expect to witness a mix of edgy music ranging from pop to electronic, metal, folk and 


music festivals in Estonia

Jazzkaar, 19 – 28 April 

Held in Estonia’s beautiful capital of Tallinn, Jazzkaar is the biggest jazz festival in the Baltics, 

bringing the city to life for ten days every year. 

Recognised by The European Festivals Association with an EFFE stamp as a remarkable arts festival, 

Jazzkaar celebrates its 30th birthday this year. 

The festival welcomes to Estonia international jazz stars, including headliners Bobby McFerrin, John 

Scofield, Joshua Redman and Judith Hill, artists who also perform at prestigious European jazz 

festivals such as EFG London Jazz Festival and North Sea Jazz. 

music festivals in Estonia

Tartu Song Festival 2019, 20 – 22 June

Capturing the essence of what it means to be Estonian, the nationally treasured Tartu Song Festival 

holds high cultural significance and has been crowned worthy of UNESCO ‘intangible cultural heritage’ status. 

As well as uniting choirs and wind instrument orchestras, who come together to perform, 2019 marks 

its 150th anniversary. 

This year, visitors can expect some very special celebrations to mark this momentous occasion, such 

as a folkloristic event with thousands of participants from all over Estonia.

music festivals in Estonia

Juu Jääb Festival, 20 – 23 June

Befittingly celebrating its 23rd birthday on the 23rd of June this year, Juu Jääb festival takes place in 

one of Western Estonia’s most picturesque settings; the island of Muhu. 

This renowned international festival draws in jazz musicians from all over the world who visit Muhu 

to enjoy the beautiful landscape, friendly locals, world-class music and delicious, wholesome 

Estonian food.

Song and Dance Celebration, 4 – 7 July

This much-loved occasion stretching back to 1869 is Estonia's foremost cultural festivity celebrating 

the Estonian ‘mother tongue’ and ‘fatherland’. 

This immense nationwide gathering is held in July during the peak of Estonia’s white nights when the 

sun barely sets, culminating in an impressive performance of 40,000 singers and dancers. 

music festivals in Estonia

Leigo Lake Music Festival, 2 – 3 August

Leigo Lake Music Festival, held on Leigo’s small willow-fringed island, brings together nature and 

music to create a breathtakingly beautiful experience. 

The ‘floating’ stage separates the performers on the water to the spectators on the shore, resulting in a 

spectacular light display as lasers reflect off the water, an experience complimented by floating water 

lights and culminating in a firework display. How beautiful does that sound?

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