5 Cool Things To Do In London Without Children

I recently wrote a post about cool family-friendly things to do in London and was asked if I could do a guide to things to do if you are having a child free trip to the UK's capital city. Challenge accepted!

Tower Bridge, London

The trouble with London is that there are so many things to do it can be daunting to know where to start so here are 5 of my favourite things to do when I am in London without my children.

Roam Aimlessly
Well. Not entirely aimlessly. Do a bit of research before you visit. Search "What's on in London" and you'd be amazed what pops up. Use a contactless debit card or Oyster card and take the bus, the London overground or Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and hop off and on if you see something or somewhere that looks worth exploring.

I went into London with a group of friends once and we did exactly that. We rode the front seats like a bunch of kids and found an outdoor tea dance which was open to passers by. We twirled round an open area in the shadow of some tower blocks and enjoyed tea and cake and street food offered by local residents at bargain prices. It was so much fun and memorable too.

Visit the OXO Tower.
Drink cocktails or enjoy a meal while you watch the sun go down over London and see the lights of the city reflected in the Thames.  There's lots to do at the tower so go along early and check out an art fair or exhibition and browse the unique independent shops.

Can't afford cocktails? There's always lots going on on the Southbank and it's great for a romantic stroll along the river or to sit with friends people watching.

Take a food tour.
One of the most fun things I have ever done was to take a food tour of London.  I discovered lots of about London I would never have known about with the added bonus of enjoying fabulous food in a variety of lovely places.

Brick Lane street sign

I ate bagels from one of the East End's most famous bagel shops, the best salted caramel tart I've ever eaten and curry and proper British beer in Brick Lane to name just a few of the dishes we sampled as we walked the streets of the East End. I learned lots of facts about the history and culture of the area we were exploring. Even though I live close to London it was still fascinating to listen to our knowledgable guide.

Search for "food tours in London" to find one to suit your taste.

Check out a themed bar.
London has quite a few themed bars which can be lots of fun to experience with a partner or friends. I visited the famous Belowzero Ice Bar in Mayfair with my husband after my son and his partner bought us a gift voucher. We loved drinking cocktails from ice glasses while we explored the ice sculptures which are changed regularly.

Belowzero Ice Bar, Mayfair, London

I also adored The Cauldron. I went along with my Harry Potter-mad daughter and some friends for her 18th birthday when it was in Elephant in Castle. The Cauldron #3  is now in a different London location.  Any fans of magic or fantasy or anyone who simply fancies dressing in a gown and creating magical cocktails using a wand should definitely try this immersive mixology class.

Bubbling cocktails at The Cauldron II, London

Google "unusual London bars" to discover themed venues including crazy golf, Alice in Wonderland, 1940's speakeasy, a pirate themed bar complete with lake you have to row across to earn your rum and a host of "secret" bars.

Pick a park.
If you've ever flown over London you'll know it's a really green city with huge parks and other green spaces open to the public, usually without charge.

Pick a park, take a picnic, hire a boat, watch pelicans being fed (yes really!), spot the banana trees and other exotic specimens, look out for deer, play ping pong and explore some of the many majestic, bizarre and fascinating monuments which give each park its unique spirit. From the Peter Pan statue to a giant pagoda, the Meridian line dictating time across the world and Princess Diana's memorial fountain, it's amazing what you might find during your visit.

Banana trees, Embankment Gardens, London

I've whiled away some happy hours walking with my husband and lying on the grass on a sunny day chatting to friends while watching the world go by.

Fancy a festival? Quite a few London parks host festivals so you are bound to find one to suit your taste.

There you have it - just a few ideas of what you can do in London without children. Feel free to comment below if you have any cool tips to add.

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