5 Family Friendly Places to Eat Around Paphos, Cyprus

We have been visiting Cyprus for almost 15 years now and when we first travelled to the beautiful Island of Love our children were obviously much younger. My youngest child is now almost 11 but we still return to some of the places we ate at when he was newborn.

greek food

It can be worrying planning meals out with children especially if they are a little fussy or get bored easily. And although it's good to get them to try new things, you sometimes want an easy life and find places where you are sure they will like the food.

The good news is, Cypriots are generally very welcoming to families with children and especially in the coastal resorts there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and tavernas who will welcome even tiny tots. Most places offer free wifi so if your children like to entertain themselves with gadgets generally they can get online. You might have to ask for the password or it might be printed on the menu, your receipt or on a card on the table or wall.

My mum lives near Paphos so all my recommendations are in that region. However when we have travelled around the island we have never had an issue eating out with children, even when turning up with pushchairs or my son's larger SEN buggy which takes up quite a bit of room.

We've also never had any issues asking for meals to be tweaked to suit picky eaters and on one occasion when my mum asked Yianni (the owner of a local Taverna) in advance if he could add a few pieces of chicken to the meze for the children we arrived to find he had threaded around 6 whole chickens onto a giant skewer ready for the grill - he showed it to the children with a big beaming grin. We felt very honoured.

Without further ado, here are my five recommendations for eating out with children around Paphos.

Bonamare beach bar cafe, Timi Beach.
Free Wifi -yes
Free parking-yes, onsite.

Open from around mid-March to the end of November the Bonamare beach car cafe has fabulous sea views perched as it is on a headland overlooking Timi Beach just two minutes drive from the airport. There are plenty of parking places and it has a good sized outdoor seating area with tables, garden sofas and cocktail tables and you can choose to sit in sun or shade.

The venue's position means there's usually quite a breeze but this is particularly welcome in the hot Cyprus summertime. On cooler days there's a nice indoor area with large panoramic windows so you can still enjoy the view.

Bonamare beach bar cafe, Timi, Paphos, Cyprus

The menu is huge - from breakfasts to burgers, hot sandwiches and salads, jacket potatoes and salads, homemade pizzas and a good selection of grilled meats and seafood. There's a small children's menu too with sausage, fish fingers or nuggets served with chips and salad. Staff members all speak English.

There's a comprehensive cocktail list with some bargain prices for beautifully made cocktails - it's my go-to place for cocktails to be sipped while gazing at the waves.

Bonamare Beach Bar Cafe, Timi, Paphos, Cyprus

 Older children can explore the small area of rock pools down on the beach or the whole family can enjoy relaxing on the pebbly beach accessed by fairly steep steps from the cafe. Sun loungers and brollies are available for a small charge in high season.

My personal feeling is that only stronger swimmers should swim there. There is often a life guard on duty in high season but the water gets quite deep quite quickly. It is a fantastic place for snorkelling though as the water is clear and fish swim almost up to the beach. If you catch the tide right you can even snorkel in the largest rock pool. I'd advise wearing soft waterproof beach shoes as it is quite rocky.

Snorkelling on Timi Beach, Cyprus

Check out the website for details of regular entertainment and other events and to find out about their wedding service. It's a great place to watch the sun go down.

Sunset at Timi Beach, Paphos, Cyprus

Klimataria Tavern, Mandria Village
Free Wifi - yes
Free Parking -yes in the village

All the locals know this taverna as "Yiannis" named after the original owner who can often be seen sitting in the sun greeting customers, babysitting his grandchildren or helping out. His wife Avrula still cooks there along with his younger son.

Klimataria Tavern, Mandria, Paphos, Cyprus

The Klimataria Tavern is now run by his son Spiros and his lovely wife Christina who both speak English - well certainly better than I can speak Greek. There is a team of helpful staff who help keep this busy venue running well even on busy special event nights. (Bingo, karaoke, village festivals and when there's a big sporting event on).

Klimataria, Mandria, Paphos, Cyprus

The food here is generally quite traditional. Souvla, kebabs, moussaka, sheftalia, grilled pork chops as big as your head and juicy lamb chops. They also offer delicious ribs, pizza and burgers and fabulous dessert waffles. Greek salads and dips with soft warm pitta bread make a meal into a feast. Eat under the shade of an ancient grapevine which gives this relaxed taverna its name. Klimataria = grapevine.

Pork Chop at Klimataria, Mandria, Paphos, Cyprus

Their Sunday lunch BBQ is especially good. Costing 11 Euro per person (2019) and includes big chunks of pork and chicken, tzatziki, hummus and taramasalata, Greek salad, pitta bread and gorgeous home made Cypriot style roast potatoes. It's advisable to book in advance for this.

Sunday Lunch BBQ at Klimataria, Mandria, Paphos, Cyprus

Children are always welcome. Spiro and Christina have two girls themselves (and another baby on the way) and they are often happy to make new friends despite the language barriers.

Portions are generous so ask if you want half portions for children or an extra plate so you can share some of your food. There's a vast choice of drinks including international and local specialities. Ask for a Brandy Sour or choose something fruity and fun from the cocktail menu. There are mocktails complete with comedy cocktail animals and umbrellas for children.

cocktails, Klimataria, Mandria, Paphos

 The village is around ten minutes drive from the airport, about twenty minutes from Paphos.

McDonald's Demokratias Avenue, Paphos
Free Wifi -yes
Toilets - yes
Free parking - yes onsite

Yes, I am suggesting you visit Mcdonald's while in Cyprus. Actually it's fun to try the local specialities like the Greek Mac with white yoghurt sauce, tomatoes, onions and lettuce served in a pitta bun.
Greek Mac, Mcdonald's Paphos, Cyprus

The main reason I mention it though is it is great in very hot or cold and/or wet weather with an outdoor seating area, air-conditioned interior and a great free indoor play area for younger children. There's a McCafe area too where you can enjoy a drink and a sweet snack if you don't fancy a burger.

McCafe, Paphos, Cyprus

We visit this branch every time we travel to Cyprus as a treat for my autistic son. He loves McDonald's nuggets and we will often pre-feed him there before going on to a more traditional Cypriot restaurant where he will enjoy drinks and maybe some ice cream while we eat food we know he'd hate.

There's also a KFC nearby which has a small, free soft play area and mocktails which I much prefer to the milkshakes served in British branches. There are recognisable food and drink brands all over the island like Subway, Pizza Express, TGI Fridays and Costa so you can always resort to those if your children are struggling with more traditional Cypriot offerings.

Many Mcdonald's branches in Cyprus offer a delivery service so check out the website to see if you are in range if you are in self catering accommodation and fancy a food delivery so you can stay by your pool.

Mandria Fish And Chips.
Free Wifi -yes
Toilets -yes
Free Parking -yes in the village

Another great find in Mandria village, Mandria Fish and Chips is the best blend of British style chip shop with Cypriot dining. With indoor and outdoor seating with a view of Mandria village centre this popular restaurant attracts tourists, locals and expats in droves. Many opt for the giant cod with mouth watering chips and mushy peas but I usually choose their giant garlic king prawns or their crisp calamari. With chips obvs.

They have a children's menu offering chip shop faves like scampi, nuggets, sausages, fish fingers and fish cakes or you can ask for smaller portions off the main menu for children.

fish platter at Mandria Fish and Chip Shop, Mandria, Paphos, Cyprus

You can eat in or order takeaway. Portions are generous and we often pick up food to take back to mums after a busy day on the beach or exploring the island. You can telephone or just call in and wait by the bar. They are licensed so you can enjoy a wine or beer while you wait or with your meal.

Keo at Mandria Fish And Chip Shop, Mandria, Paphos, Cyprus

Occasionally there are special events like music nights - well worth booking a table rather than just turning up on these evenings.

Gabriels, Kouklia
Free wifi-yes
Free Parking - yes in the village

Serving traditional Cypriot cuisine with indoor and outdoor eating areas overlooking Kouklia village square with a picturesque church, Gabriel's is a lovely place to get a real taste of Cyprus. We've always experienced exceptional customer service and delicious meals with a warm welcome for all our children from littlies to teens.

During a recent visit the power failed (not unusual in winter in Cyprus) but instead of closing the staff worked hard without lights or power and still somehow managed to produce an amazing meal. We ate by candlelight with occasional flashes of spectacular lightening illuminating our meal. It was a memorable night!

Gabriels, Kouklia, Cyprus during power cut

Food is made mostly from fresh local ingredients and if you are lucky you might get a bonus in the shape of a piece or two of Gabriel's mum's famous lemon polenta cake -ask nicely and you might even get the recipe.

If you are hankering after a more sophisticated night out with authentic Cypriot food and no big tv's where the children are treated as VIPs, this is the place for you.

If you have any favourite places to eat in Cyprus please comment below. And if you are planning to visit the island try and eat at least a couple of times away from the touristy places in Paphos harbour, although there are some good venues even there. Walk along and look for somewhere you fancy - don't get bullied by the street hustlers trying to persuade you in.