Treat Yourself To A Spa Experience For Less

I live near a very famous spa resort and about twice a year go with friends for their cut-price evening deal which includes use of the facilities and a meal. You can add treatments but that bumps up the bill.

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For most people a spa is a luxurious treat rather than an integral part of their wellbeing routine. Imagine if you could enjoy a weekly or even daily spa experience - how relaxing would that be?

Start by taking care of your nails. The key to healthy strong nails is largely in the way you look after them. You will need an old towel, tissue or kitchen paper and around 5 minutes of your time plus cuticle oil or similar. Wear your dressing gown if you want the authentic spa experience!

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You can buy cuticle oil for as little as £1 (I buy it in Primark)  or even use a good hand cream or olive oil.

For your mini mani start by washing your hands in warm water using a mild soap. Then, sit with an old towel on your lap. Paint cuticle oil all over each nail and the cuticles. If you are using cream add a generous amount into the palm of your hand then dab a little onto each nail area.

Using olive oil? Pour around 1 tbsp into a small container, like a ramekin or a hairspray can lid (wash before using) then dip each finger in until the oil coal the nail and nail bed. It's especially wise to use a towel on your lap if you choose to use any form of oil to avoid drips staining clothes and furniture.

Massage the oil in to nails, skin around the nails and the nail bed underneath the base of your nail. This stimulates blood flow which helps nail growth. Wipe any excess oil or cream away with a tissue.

While you are pampering your nails you could be enjoying some facial treats too. If like me your daily face care involves washing or a wipe with a skin wipe and a dollop of moisturiser it's good every now and again to devote a little more time to your precious facial skin.

Throw a face mask in with your grocery shop if you use a big supermarket or pick sachets of individual treatments in most chemists or even good old Primark again. You could also buy a tube containing a number of treatments but I like the one-use sachets as the amount you need is measured for you.

Follow the instructions carefully, especially if you have very sensitive skin. If the product advises a patch test before using - DO IT!

After applying your face-mask you should easily have time to do your nails.

Face masks work best if you have pre-steamed your face. You could do this carefully over a bowl of hot (not boiling) water or for the full spa experience you could invest in a steam shower.

With a steam shower you can have a whole body steam cleanse which is both good for your skin and soooo relaxing. Like having a steam room in your own home.

It might sound a bit OTT installing a steam shower in your home but although they cost a little more than a basic shower the benefits are many and compared to the cost of high end spa trips you could enjoy an Insignia Steam Shower every day for the cost of one spa break with treatments.

Many models come with lighting, speakers and the ability to add aromatherapy scents to make your steam shower experience as relaxing as a session in a spa with the added benefit of being in the privacy of your own home.

Finish your spa experience with a treatment - maybe paint your nails, tidy up your eyebrows or ask the one you love to give you a lovely neck, foot or even all over massage.

Spending time on yourself might seem indulgent but so called "me time" can result in your feeling happier, more relaxed and make you more productive and able to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life so everybody wins.

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