Join "The Grand Expedition" for a Spectacular Dining Experience.

Last night with my eldest daughter I attended an opulent theatrical immersive gastronomic experience fusing food, fun and entertainment in an imaginative and exciting way.

 Unfortunately I can't really tell you much about it. It's a secret.

Gingerline's The Grand Expedition supper club

I could tell you about the mysterious lead-up to the event or the intriguing location. I could tell you about the decor, the atmosphere and the performers. I could tell you about the 5 imaginative courses we enjoyed. Except I can't. It's a secret.

What I can tell you is that we came away full, marvelling at the spectacle we had just experienced and laughing at the fundamental bizarreness of it all. It was, as billed, a floating, feeding and falling dream.

The Grand Expedition theatrical dining experience

There's poetry, dance, story-telling and music all wrapped up in a surreal dreamlike and supremely eccentric theatrical extravaganza which sweeps you along in an exciting journey from the second you step inside the top secret location, just a stone's throw from the Victoria line in London.

The theme of the evening was The Grand Expedition and it certainly lived up to the title. Organised by experts in the unique, Gingerline, working with their food partner and sister company, Flavourology, this is a treat for anyone who wants an unforgettable feast for all the senses.

Before the event we were advised that the food is designed for those who are relaxed about what and how they eat. Menus are not hoity-toity Michelin style but are flavourful, feastly and fun. They promised that the service would be interactive and creative and that was certainly the case!

Food from Flavourology at The Grand Expedition experience

I was very impressed by the way dietary requirements were dealt with. As you have no idea what food is going to be served until the very second it arrives at your table, it could obviously be a bit of a minefield.

However having been asked to be informed of any dietary issues to be when booking, before entering the venue and again before the event starts I doubt they miss any. Those with preferences are issued with personalised wristbands which you are asked to hold up as the food is served.

dietary requirement wristband

Menu cards delivered with the food clearly mark potential allergens and servers also went to great lengths to make sure we knew what was in each dish if we'd highlighted a no-go ingredient. Some dishes were completely substituted for diners wearing wristbands but with ingredients subtly tweaked so we enjoyed the same tailored experience which complemented the immersive performance going on around us.

Oh I wish I could tell you more. I can tell you that some interaction with the performers is pretty much unavoidable but as one who hates pantos and avoids audience participation at any cost normally, I can reassure you that the cast are not out to embarrass anyone and after being brave and allowing myself to be gently coaxed in I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

cast members from The Grand Expedition

You probably could avoid joining in altogether but I'd urge you to leave your inhibitions at the door and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the experience to make the most of it. Some people had even followed suggestions in the pre-event email and come with props or in costume. This is not obligatory but seeing them I kinda wished I had allowed my daughter to buy bits and pieces for us to wear.

This is mostly quite a lively supper with the emphasis being on enjoying the sometimes boisterous performances and food rather than staid dinner party small talk around the table.

You are encouraged to enjoy the event live rather than record the event on phones and cameras, and sharing on social media is very strongly discouraged so that the details of the experience remain a surprise for new diners.

The Grand Expedition is a journey of emotions ranging from leg-crossing laughter to goose-bump moments and the time flies. It's ideal for all ages from 12 upwards (most sittings are 18+ only) and would be equally good for solo diners, couples, pals and groups. You can book out whole tables or on certain dates, the whole venue, or book general tickets and be allocated seats on a shared table.

Your entry cost includes welcome drink, water on the table and a couple of shots during the meal.  There is a bar (and table service) where you can order alcoholic and soft drinks. I would recommend the tasting flights of wine or cocktails designed to complement each course. The bar only takes cards - no cash.

cocktails at Gingerline's theatrical dining experience

All but one of the pictures in this post are supplied by Gingerline. Even if I could share details and  my own pictures with you I doubt I would be able to do the event justice. For anyone looking for an escape from the hum-drum existence of ordinary life, even if for just one night, this is the event for you.

Book now before this pop-up disappears and allow yourself to be carried up up and away on The Grand Expedition.

Disclaimer: We joined The Grand Expedition free as guests of Gingerline for the purpose of writing this honest review.