Styling My Man With Help From Jacamo

When I first met my husband back in the early '90's his fashion sense was dubious to say the least. As the years have passed he has taken more and more interest in his appearance and now has a shelf full of manly grooming products.

madmumof7 and husband on Gondola in Venice.

Lately he has grown a beard, adopted a sharp new haircut and has decided to update his wardrobe to attempt to help him look more hipster dude than middle aged man.

We've been experimenting with different looks to suit his style and his requirements - he likes his clothes to be comfortable and well made and won't sacrifice those must-haves for fashion alone.

Recently we were invited to browse through the SS19 collection online at Jacamo and within a few clicks he had found lots of items he liked the look of. He'd been invited to choose a few items to try and there were so many things he liked it was hard to pick just a few.

While we've been out shopping we've noticed that smart polo shirts are very on trend so we started by  selecting a Lambretta Tipping polo complete with the iconic Lambretta logo and contrast tipping around the collar and cuffs.

Bearded Man modelling Lambretta Tipping Polo shirt from Jacamo

My husband was impressed with the option to choose a longer body length on this and many other items. Some items have a shorter body length too so no matter what your proportions are, Jacamo will have something to fit. (There are multiple easy ways of returning items anyway if you decide to order items in a couple of sizes to en sure the best fit.)

We are off on our hols in Cyprus in July and we decided to look for a smart T-shirt which would work as well in a smart taverna as it would on the beach.

The Flintoff By Jacamo stripe T-shirt in navy and blush also comes with a choice of lengths but sadly does not include the divine Freddie who models it on the Jacamo website.

bearded man modelling Jacamo stripe T-shirt

Still, teamed with tapered midwash jeans from Jacamo's impressive denim collection, my husband of 27 years gave the sexy cricketer a run for his money when he modelled it (IMHOP) with help from our elderly cat Oscar.

Our final choice was a very cute Jacamo military-style short sleeved shirt in navy which is close fitting enough to be flattering but not so tight it's restrictive.

Man modelling military style navy short sleeved shirt from Jacamo

Dad playing with son in Barley field wearing clothes by JacamoDad playing with son in Barley field wearing clothes by Jacamo

Again, we teamed it with jeans but it would look equally good with smart black trousers, chinos or tailored shorts.

You might have a few misconceptions about Jacamo so my advice would be to go and take a peek at the website and explore for yourself. It's not just for larger gents, it's not just for tall men. They offer much more than clothes offering a wide range of tech, home accessories, furniture for the garden and home, BBQ's and gaming goods.

There are all your favourite brands available as well as Jacamo's own range so if you want to stand out this summer why not raise your game and refresh your home and wardrobe with help from Jacamo.

Disclaimer: We were gifted clothes selected from the Jacamo website for the purpose of this honest review.

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