How Can I Buy Short Term Car Insurance?

Car insurance can be complex and I'm sure I am not alone in occasionally wondering if. my car insurance allows me to drive someone else car or vice versa. I have it in my head that I can but would only be covered at third party level which is risky especially if the car to be briefly borrowed is valuable.

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There are so many reasons why you might need to drive another car apart from one you insure on a regular annual policy.

Recently we had both of our family cars in the garage - talk about terrible timing! My husband needed to get to work and I needed to carry on with my job as Mum's Taxi Service so we both turned to my son who runs his own car.

I rang his insurance company and our own but both were unhelpful apart from ours confirming that yes, we could drive his and be covered by third party insurance as part of our policy.

It would have been so useful if I'd known about short term comprehensive car insurance.

We are often asked if we can take people to pick up or move large items which means we have to be available -with short term car insurance drivers can insure vehicles from as short a period as an hour right up to 30 days so you can hand over the keys in confidence knowing your vehicle is insured.

Planning a big night out and you have a member of your party willing to drive but they don't have a suitable vehicle? Insure them for the night and forget having the hassle of relying on public transport or taxis.

Maybe you are going on a road trip and your friend would like to share the driving - another example of where short term car insurance can save the day and lighten your load.

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You can even get cover if you are driving in Europe although that would probably be third party cover only- check the policy details of the provider you are looking at carefully to make sure, especially after October 31 when Brexit may change the rules on British licence holders driving in Europe.

One of the most useful reasons to choose short term car insurance is to allow learners to practise in the family car. My son had a learner policy but we found with his and our commitments it worked out quite expensive for the times he was able to actually  get behind the wheel.

It would probably have worked out cheaper to be able to insure a couple of hours at a time when we knew he and we were free for a practice session.

It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to car insurance so if you are in any doubt about whether you can drive another person's car, or if they can drive yours make sure you get your one day car insurance sorted.

It's as easy as a few clicks on the keyboard to get a quote and cover and will give you complete peace of mind.

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