Keep An Eye On Your Ears

I remember when I was a child visiting my cousin's Grandparents and being stunned by how loud their television was playing. I've always had really sensitive hearing but as the decades have passed I've realised that I have been increasing the volume on my own TV as well as squinting at the buttons as my hearing and vision goes downhill.

It's been just one symptom in a bagful of changes I like to call the "getting old package." Available to anyone over a certain age. Have you noticed your joints aching, hangovers lasting longer, sight becoming blurry, fashionable shoes becoming uncomfortable and elasticated waists becoming more appealing?

Even if you can tolerate heels and skinny jeans still there's no stopping the passage of time when it comes to sight and hearing loss but luckily there is something you can do about it.

It's usually quite obvious when your sight deteriorates but hearing issues can be more difficult to self-diagnose.

Have you noticed that you have been turning the volume up on your devices and asking people to repeat themselves? It's important not to ignore hearing loss because left to deteriorate people can end up feeling isolated and lonely.

Although some hearing issues can be caused by ageing, some could be related to work or leisure related sound pollution, infections, trauma, medical conditions or even simply caused by a build up of wax.

As well as hearing issues you might find that ear problems can cause dizziness, nausea and pain and there may even be a discharge. Those shell-like's are complex!

FYI you should absolutely not poke around in your ear with cotton buds, even if you suspect there's wax in there. You could totally do more harm than good!

If you are concerned about pain, discharge, balance or hearing you could make an appointment at a Harley Street Ear Clinic to get a thorough check-up from top medical experts. Once your problem is identified they can create a custom treatment plan for you to get you back into tip-top condition.

Don't suffer in silence (forgive the pun). It's better to find out what is causing your problems rather than worry that your hearing loss or medical condition could be permanent.

If you are just concerned that you aren't hearing as well as you used to it might be wise to go for some hearing tests.

My last hearing test was carried out at primary school and I thought I just had to put up with my deteriorating hearing until it became so bad I had to buy a set of ugly clip-on amplifying gadgets from the Sunday supplements.

Nowadays though the options are multiple when it comes to tiny, high-tech hearing aids, and getting a proper hearing test and expert help with choosing amplification tech could enable you to get back to normal hearing and allow you to reduce the volume on your TV before the neighbours complain.

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