Fashion Look 101: How To Compliment Your Look With A Wrist Watch

Dressing up for any occasion can be challenging, especially if you’re not updated with the latest fashion trends. Wearing accessories such as watches are one of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to look classy and elegant at the same time. 

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Tuning in with the latest fashion trends can help you decide on what are the things you need to do to look good.

Watches have been known to be one of the most useful things any person can wear. Aside from the fact that helps you keep track of time, it also adds beauty to your attire. 

You should also know how to mix and match so that the watch you’re going to wear will complement your attire. Here is a list of other things you need to know when wearing a wristwatch.

Match Your Watch With Your Outfit

Choosing the right outfit is easy but choosing the right timepiece for your outfit is the hard part. You will need to be observant of the colours, shapes, and styles of watches before you try and match them with your attire. Choosing the right timepiece for your attire can be done by doing some research or asking other people so that you’ll have more ideas.

There are two basic types of a watch, the first one is called analog, and the second one is called digital. 

Analog watches are known to have more impact when it comes to formality. This type of watch is best worn for formal events such as meetings, business trips, or even dates. Digital watches, on the other hand, are more suitable for casual attires.

Choose the Right Strap

As mentioned earlier, watches should be worn on the right types of occasions. It’s a known fact that watches that have leather bands are more formal than those who have bands made from rubber, webbing or plastic. 

Watches that have rubber bands should be worn with outfits that are intended for casual activities only and also for physical activities that involve sports. Many watches have straps you can easily swap in and out which make them versatile.

You should also be careful when choosing the right type of band for your watch because it might not go well with your outfit. Some people think you  should always match the color of the band you’re going to use with the shoes you’re planning to wear - I'm not sure I'd go that far!

Metal Always Compliments Metal

Watches nowadays are made out of different variations of metal. Steel, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium are the four types of watches that are being manufactured today. These watches should be worn with the right sets of accessories. Wearing the right type of watch along with the accessories you’re going to use will surely make you look more elegant and presentable.

Gold-plated watches are best worn with clothes and shoes that have an earthy color. The colors of the watches don’t need to be matched with everything every time. You can use a watch that has a rose-gold color in it along with any belt buckle as long as the color of it is not too far off the colour of your watch.

You can always visit the web for sites that have reliable information so that you’ll know what are the other things you need to do when matching your watch to your outfit. You can click here to find out what are the other tips you need to keep in mind when it comes to mixing and matching.

Wear an Heirloom Watch.

Aside from the classic and rustic vibe, an heirloom watch can give, it can also add beauty to your outfit. Heirloom watches have no restrictions when it comes to fashion -they can be worn with any outfit you want. You should also make sure that the heirloom watch you’re wearing is authentic so that you will not be judged by other people.

Heirloom watches can also help you break the ice when meeting new people because you’ll be able to bond with them by telling them the history of the watch you’re wearing. 

Base Your Watch on Your Shoes

If you don’t have any clue about what you need to do for you to be able to compliment your watch with the attire you’re wearing, you can always match it with the shoes you’re going to use. You should also make sure to use the right timepiece according to the place or occasion you’re going to or attend to.

So, formal shoes, formal watch.

Matching your timepiece with your shoes is one of the best things you can do for you to compliment your watch with your outfit.


Wearing a wristwatch not only helps people to keep track of the time but can also help them look more stylish. It is one of the most common yet important accessories any person should wear. You should also know how to choose the proper watch so that you’ll be able to match them with all the outfits you have.

Looking for the right watch to buy is not that difficult. If you don’t have any idea on what are the latest style of watch is you can start by asking professionals or friends who are aware of the latest fashion trends to help you decide. 

Most importantly you should also make sure that the watch you’re going to buy is authentic so that your money won’t go to waste.

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