How to Pull Off The Look- Cowgirl Boots.

If you're looking to put some pep in your step, consider treating yourself to some classic leather cowgirl boots. A pair of well-made cowgirl boots can be a huge statement piece defining your personal style for years to come. Plus, they're plain fun for the attitude they help you slip on as you head out into the world and work with a variety of looks.

Photo by Misael Nevarez on Unsplash

Ease Into the Style
Before you run around showing off your new cowgirl boots, you have got to understand that all good leather footwear requires some break-in time. These shoes may feel tight and stiff at first. They also may "look big" in the mirror. 
Give your feet and personality some time to adjust.  Wear your cowgirl boots around the house for a few hours a day, a few days a week before taking them out on the town. The leather and footbed will adapt more quickly if you steam the leather briefly before these sessions. You can use either a steamer or the steam from a hot shower. 
Cowgirl boots can be worn with almost anything — dresses, skirts, or shorts. If your new pair of boots is your first, try getting used to them by wearing them under wide-leg jeans or over tapered trousers.

Own the Western Vibe of Rugged Independence
Before you step out the door, take a look in the full-length mirror and appreciate the slight boost in height and energy that cowgirl boots can offer. 
The American West features in art, film and literature for its spacious beauty and the rugged independence it takes to live there. Cowgirl boots can project a sense of natural strength and charisma. Own the look!
Cowgirl fashion look
Image via Flickr by Logan Brumm Photography and Design
Splash in Some Puddles
Cowgirl/boy boots were made for working. History says a cattle herder took his post-Civil War boots into a cobbler to craft a pointy toe that would more easily slip into the stirrup of his horse's saddle. A new style was born. 
Today's leather is just as able to withstand wear when it's given proper care. Protect your boots with leather soap, and the boots will keep your feet dry in the rain. Go ahead: Don't be afraid to splash in some puddles.
However, you want to be careful around the ice. Many cowgirl boots have slick bottoms with no tread on them. Alternatively, you can choose cowgirl boots with slip-resistant tread to handle any weather.
Kick Up Your Heels
Now that your boots are broken in, and you're enjoying the free spirit energy that they bring to your day, vary your outfits. 
Searching "cowgirl fashion" on Pinterest or Instagram will show you a dizzying number of ideas for how to wear them as an accent or build your style around them. For example, Fashion Gone Rogue offers a list of ways to enjoy cowgirl boots if you're short on time but want inspiration.
Anyone can pull off cowgirl boots. All that you need is some courage to try something new and a willingness to embrace the independent spirit that inspired this fashionable footwear. Have fun

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