The Ultimate Guide to Buying Ladies Watches

An interesting fact is that more watches are owned by men than women. From traditional styles to the latest smart watches, men are still the main consumers although in recent years women have started to catch up.
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As an example men tend to buy more watches compared to women at  watchshopping.comMaybe it's because adverts for watches tend to feature more watches for men than women.
It is believed that wrist watches for men started way back in the 1920s and 1930s. Most of the women watches were downsized versions of men’s watches with some having semi-precious or diamond stones thrown in to make them more feminine. 
The huge male bias in the market of watches tends to be evolving and it seems to have changed a great deal albeit slowly. 
Women have started to become more discerning when it comes to buying watches and this in the process, is increasing the number of women watch collectors. 
There is also an increase in women’s designers in the industry, which is good news  for women increasing the number of styles which are available for them. 
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 Women and their complications
In recent years, watchmaking has evolved with some more complex watches meant for women. It is now possible for a woman to choose a watch to suit her personal taste from a variety of mechanical watches which are complex, including chronographs, travel times, world time, a skeletonized movement, and an annual calendar. 
When it comes to women, complications are often about the beauty as well as the practical benefits the watch offers. It can be an emotional experience and journey for those who love complications. 
Things to look out before buying a ladies watch
·      Designer or classic brand: When buying a watch for women (or anyone!) remember, you don’t have to just buy a watch brand just because it is well known. There are some high-end luxury watches which might not be to the liking of some women. 

It is also good to remember that sometimes it is worth spending a little more on a watch. some designer watches could well be better quality.  Whichever you choose, ensure that you take good care of whichever watch you end up purchasing. 

·      Watch style: Choosing the case shape or style for the woman watch is an important aspect that you will need to consider. The classic shape tends to continue to be around but at the same time, there are women who prefer more bold, more masculine style watches or those with unusual features like square casings.. 

The ones which are shaped in a rectangular form can be very chic, while the ones which are curvy or with extraordinary shapes can be fun and thus, make a statement with their eye-catching lines. The various watch types can vary from daily/casual wear for women to those which are functional sports. 

If you are an active woman who is always on the go, then you might end up having the tendency to favor these two types of watches. 

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Casual watches tend to have medium size dials which are larger which can be read easily. In most instances, they don’t have jewels or adornments and are, therefore, ideal for day to day wear or for office use and workplaces.

Sports watches normally have large dials to ensure easy reading and are obviously favoured by women who are physically active. 

Jewellery watches normally feature platinum or gold, pearls, diamond, sapphire and other semi-precious stones or gems. They are also more formal and they can easily be very expensive and exclusive in appeal and design. 

Dial decorations will tend to be more ornate and beautiful in jewellery watches, mostly with mother of pearl effect which can be very fetching and add a certain elegance to the watch. 

Then there are the fashion watches which are at times referred to as dress watches. They tend to be trendy and are often released by well known high fashion brands. 
They are watches which can be both daily/casual use and more formal, dressy occasions. These watches focused fashion, visual appeal and often rely on the brand name for their main selling point.

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