Things To Know Before Touring London

If you are planning a trip to go to London, this guide might help you to know the things to do in London and when to do them. These tips will hopefully save you money and time if you follow them  while visiting London. 
Photo by Sabrina Mazzeo on Unsplash London

·      Download the Citymapper app for the city: When you are a tourist, it might be hard for you to get your head around the system of transport in London. If you can not use the tube, you havet the option of buses. The app uses the GPS to get you from one point to the next with ease. It offers routes using buses, taxes, tube, and on foot. It will also be able to tell you how much it will cost you by whatever means you prefer and how long it will take to reach your destination. 

·      Thursdays are the new Fridays: Londoners are hardworking people and that is why, by Thursday, most of them are ready to start their weekend. Thursday nights are one of the best nights in the week to be able to have fun outside with most restaurants, bars, and pubs being able to fill up with locals and you will be able to mingle with them. 

·      Purchase your ticket to the theatre on the day: One of the great things you need to know when you visit London is that, if you want to see a great show and you are not sure which one, purchase your ticket on the day. There are several trustworthy and registered ticket shops which offer highly discounted tickets for all the top shows and you will find them around Piccadilly and Soho Circus. It will be able to show you where you will sit and the tickets are printed on the spot often with up to 50% off. 

·        Watch out for the service charge: Most of the restaurants in London tend to charge a service charge of 10-12.5% on your accumulative bill especially the ones in the touristy and upmarket spots. Some of them even add it to your drinks bill. It is a charge which is not always optional and you will have to pay for it unless your service is appalling. 

·      Know various shopping alternative: If you like shopping, then you don’t have to do your shopping on Oxford Street especially on a day like Saturday. Though it is famous for its shops, there are other alternatives in London which are offering the same shops without the huge crowds. You can go to King Road, Covent Garden, Regent Street, or Westfield shopping Center for an amazing but yet less crowded London shopping experience. 

·      Explore Beyond Leicester Square: Though the Leicester Square cinemas are famous for premieres the truth is that a cinema will just be a cinema wherever you are. 

You will find great restaurants all over London including some excellent independent restaurants. Try China Town which is around the corner from Leicester square.

·      Use the bus: London buses are one of the best alternatives for transportation when you visit London. Unlike the tube you get to keep  phone signal, daylight and a seat with a view.  Most of the buses available operate 24 hours in a day. If you want to see all the tourist sights in London, then you can try the official London Bus Tours. 

·      Plan your routes:One thing you need to know before you visit London is that, it is a big city. So when you have a night or day out, there is a need to get your bearing and be able to pick out some of the routes which are logical. If you do a little forward planning, you will be able to hop around the city with much ease. 

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