5 things that people forget to pack when going on holiday

Whilst we ostensibly go on holiday to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with our loved ones, it can still be incredibly stressful. Once you’re there it’s generally all golden, of course, but it’s whilst getting ready for your holiday that you’ll start feeling the tension. 

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In all of that stress, there are often little necessities that get left behind and leave us standing aghast in our hotel rooms wondering “what was I thinking?” Below, we’ll underline the five most common items that people tend to forget to pack when planning for their holidays.

Toothpaste - The major cliche is to not forget your toothbrush, of course, but more people actually tend to forget the toothpaste and without that, the toothbrush itself is more than a little pointless. Of course, you can always pick up some spare toothpaste wherever you happen to find yourself in the world, but it is likely to prove a hassle you could do without.

Phone chargers - The number of phone chargers that get left behind in hotel rooms across the world every year could probably fill a small landfill. They are just as likely, however, to be left behind at home and you’ll find that once you are abroad, finding exactly the right charger for your hone could prove a monumental nuisance. Also, for very little outlay you can pick up an extra external charger pack for your phone that you can keep on your persons at all times for emergency charge.

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Documents - Whether it’s train tickets to the airport or boarding passes, one of the things that many vacationers tend to leave behind on the kitchen table is those blasted pieces of paper. You can circumvent this worry a few ways of course - buy using your travel company’s app to check in before leaving or by purchasing web tickets from sites like Gatwick Express or The Trainline that will allow you to sort your tickets from one convenient online platform. Of course, passports are also a pretty crucial one here, but we thought that one was pretty much a given!

First aid kit - Accidents can happen anywhere and when you’re on holiday you and your family are generally a little more relaxed and not paying quite as much attention as you generally would. That means there are countless scrapes and bumps that can occur whilst we’re taking our eyes off our little angels for even a split second. So, never forget to pack a simple first aid kit with bandages, antibacterial cream and painkillers for every holiday, no matter how slight.

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Suncream - In the same breath as above, suncream is another common forgotten holiday essential and is something that many tourist-heavy destinations will charge a premium on because they are counting on you to forget it. Beat them to the punch and make sure you bring a decent amount of high factor suncream with you, but remember to store it in your cabin luggage!

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