Italian Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant & Bar, Terra Terra Launch Review

The Italians are renowned for their generous hospitality and stylish way of life so it's no surprise that The Ghost Group's latest casual dining concept, Terra Terra on the Finchley Road, embodies all of that with an added dash of London chic.

Honey I dropped the pasta, canapés at Terra Terra, ~Finchley Road, London

The venue, situated conveniently opposite Finchley Road tube station aims to be all things to all people.

Long opening hours allow it to be an experiential neighbourhood destination to be enjoyed any time of the day; from baked pastries, fresh juices and espressos in the morning, to late night signature cocktails, hand cut pasta and market driven specials all in a casual but characterful setting.

Floral display at Terra Terra, Finchley Road, London

Terra Terra offers great quality coffees, fresh juices, artisanal bread and baked pastries from early in the morning, 7 days a week, then  relaxed lunchtime dining and a range of grab and go options including salads and sandwiches throughout the day.

In the evening the vibe changes again. Enjoy signature cocktails conceived by award winning mixologist Walter Pintus (The Ritz, The Mandrake) while the charismatic Head Chef, Massimo Moilo, prepares carefully sourced dishes inspired by his childhood in Italy, his subsequent travels and his life in London.

Terra Terra chef at workTerra Terra chef at work

During the launch party we (me and my pal Claire) were entertained equally by the music from Mary Charteris, Ben Bridgewater and Dan Lywood, the antics of the chef who named one plate of canapés "Honey I Dropped The Pasta",  the studious seriousness of the mixologist who prepared every single cocktail in the jam-packed lower bar with precise care and the mix of models, celebs, influencers and more who'd come along to enjoy the buzz of this new destination.

DJs at Terra Terra launch party, Finchley Road

mixologist at work, Terra Terra, Finchley Road, London

Set over two floors with a private tucked away terrace, Terra Terra's contemporary design tones Tuscan heritage. Big windows onto the busy street give passers by a peek at the busy upstairs kitchen where the chefs turn out pizettes with sophisticated toppings - no Hawaiian's here.

At the launch party imaginative and fun canapés enjoyed in stylish surroundings gave a teasing taste of what is to come from the team at Terra Terra.I cannot wait to go back and explore the full menu which offers tempting treats such as beef carpaccio with crispy parmesan and tuna crudo served with smoked aubergine and stracciatella.

Hand made pasta (there are even gluten free options) lifts this place way above the chain brands and reviews so far speak of exceptional service. 

I checked the menu and prices seem very reasonable.  In fact the cocktails are cheaper than in a bar in my nearest town, outside London and half the price you might pay a few tube stops into the city centre. 
cocktails at launch party, Terra Terra, Finchley Road, London

This is all great news for locals and actually, I'd say Terra Terra is probably worth a trip out to the Finchley Road wherever you are situated in or near London.

madmumof7 and friend at launch party of Terra Terra, Finchley Road, London

Disclaimer: I enjoyed free food and drink at the launch party for Terra Terra, 120 Finchley Road, London. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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